Easement zones

By: Cesar T. Tirol (The author is the Dean Emeritus University of San Agustin College of Law. This article is his observations on laws and regulations on the 25 + 5 easement zone in Boracay, in other islands, and forestlands and wetlands) 1950 Civil Code, Art. 638: Art. 638. The banks of rivers and streams, even […]


By: Reyshimar C. Arguelles THE world of comics was shaken by the passing of its most iconic personality. Stanley Martin Lieber, better known to generations of fans as Stan Lee, passed away on November 12 in Los Angeles, California. He was 95, but he had lived a full life and built a legacy as a […]

No Sacred Cows

By: Reyshimar C. Arguelles WE never prepared ourselves for this. The Sanidganbayan’s decision to sentence Imelda Marcos for a prison period stretching seven decades is too much to take in. A Marcos getting convicted for graft? Now, you’re either joking or taking fentanyl. Except, it isn’t fake news or a product of deranged blabbering. A Marcos […]

Filipino values month celebration

IN this month of November the whole country is celebrating the Filipino Values Month pursuant to Proclamation No. 479 issued on October 7, 1994 by former President Fidel V. Ramos. This annual celebration is an effective measure to create moral awakening and national consciousness on unique, positive, and genuine values held important by the Filipino […]