Both delicate and tough

ESPECIALLY in discussing highly contentious issues, like the political and social ones, all parties involved should try to be both delicate and tough. This is how we can conduct our discussions in a way that is positive, fruitful and constructive. We need to be delicate because more than issues, what are involved are persons who […]

Our senatorial bets

Since 1957 Occidental Negros had not a single senator in the Philippine Congress. When the Philippines was granted autonomy status under American rule and the Senate was created in 1916 we already had senators, in fact two, Manuel Lopez of Silay and EsperidionGuanco of Hinigaran. Every time there was an election for the six -year […]

It’s not up to me

More or less, Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol is telling the sugarcane planters that there is nothing he can do to positively respond to the lamentations of the planters and workers for the protection of the sugar industry from the devastating impact of the unlimited importation of sugar. The industry is under his department and therefore […]

Pest control

By: Reyshirma Arguelles LIFE is precious and there’s no point in killing off a criminal purely for vindication. Then again, stupid people make it so tempting to exact vigilante justice on account of what they call the principle of an “eye for an eye.” There’s no better option to deal with society’s cockroaches. An extermination […]

Letter to the President

Dear President Rodrigo Duterte, WE are a group of grade 12 students who have read your recent statements regarding the sexual abuse scandals of priests. We first want to thank you for bringing up such an important and alarming issue to the people especially since it is still an ongoing case. We understand your concerns […]