A matter of credibility

THERE are lots of analyses on the processes of the 2019 elections that throw questions on the credibility of the results. We go through this exercise after every polls but nothing is done afterwards. The nation settles down after a while, the winners and the Commission on Elections move on nevertheless. Better luck next time, […]

An afterthought

THE election is supposedly our exercise of freedom to choose our leaders. But based on reports, we then ask, “Did the Filipino people exercise their right with no tinkering?” Saying that the right of suffrage is the only equalizer for society’s inequalities could be too good to be true if we know that the Commission […]

Testing the faith-2

DUE to the exigency of the last phase of the recent political season, I deferred the continuation of this column on a serious case raised against Pope Francis. Leading theologians and Catholic Church leaders believe the Pope had stepped outside the boundaries of faith into the realm of heresy. This is alarming because it can […]

Post-modern dictator

Dictators evolve and tyrants adapt to the post-modern era. They have changed to meet the challenges of the present era to preserve their power. This is the main thesis of William J. Dobson in his book “The Dictator’s Learning Curve: Inside the Global Battle for Democracy.” Dobson argued that totalitarianism is a twentieth-century thing and […]

Restoring the Sense of the Sacred

By: Sem. Lance Patrick Enad LAST January, I was privileged to assist in one of the novena masses in the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño. As customary, there was the traditional Sinulog Dance right after the blessing. Normally, I am not keen on things like these as I prefer to have the time after communion […]

Is SRA the problem?-2

NOW that the nation has settled down to the grind of daily living, let’s get back to the issue regarding the controversy on sugar prices. As our readers will recall, the planters and the Sugar Regulatory Administration took the Department of Trade and Industry to task for not imposing a retail price cap on sugar […]