US Coronavirus: Half a million new coronavirus viruses from Monday

At this rate, the number should pass 11 million in the next four days, making it the fastest addition to another million, John Hopkins data show.

for 10th day in a row, The US reported over 100,000 infections, and a total of 556,961 hits since Monday. On Thursday, with its highest number with more than 153,000 new infections, an expert predicted by the country could soon become a devastating reality – 200,000 cases a day.
In a part of Texas, officials More mobile morgues are requested. In Massachusetts, the hospital has increased 200% since early September.

Michigan Gov. Gechen Whitmer warned on Thursday that the state was “by far the worst part of this epidemic”.

“That curve we flattened? Right now, that curve is a straight line and it’s straight,” he said.

An estimated forecast published by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention Project on Thursday after 282,000 deaths as of December 5 – about 40,000 Americans dying in the next three weeks.

And a launch The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) shows that by the end of December, about 2,000 people may die from Kovid-19 every day.

‘Less is this Thanksgiving’

Public health measures postponed by authorities for months – including face covering, social disturbances and regular hand washing – can provide much-needed help. If, according to IHME estimates, 95% of Americans wear face masks, more than 17,000 lives could be saved.

The outbreak of Maine wedding presents the story of Kovid-19, a caution for the holidays.

“If we do simple public health measures, that will start rising and coming down,” Dr. of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director. Anthony Fauci told CBS “This Morning” on Friday.

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If the Americans lowered their guard, “We’ll keep going,” Fauci said.

In New Hampshire, Gov. Chris Sununu reported that most of the new cases of the virus are occurring at gatherings where people did not wear masks.

“If there are circumstances where it is a family member who is not in your immediate family, even if you are in your home, you and that member should possibly wear a mask,” the governor said. “The virus doesn’t care that it’s Uncle Bob.”

Professor of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University, Drs. “Separation should be the norm”, William Scheffner said on Thursday. “We don’t want to give viruses while we are giving thanks.”

Study: New, mutant virus strain spreads more easily

Researchers also now say they found more evidence that a mutant version of the coronovirus, which has been overtaken by a chronic strain to spread to most of the world, is more easily transmitted – but not more dangerous. looks like.

And it has not changed its physical shape so the body should be sensitive to the immune response whether natural or induced by the vaccine.

Montana emergency doctors have warned Kovid-19 that their community is on the verge of disaster & # 39;

The research team led by two experts in genetics of the virus – Dr. of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Dr. of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ralph Barrick – studied the so-called D1414G variant Coronavirus.

The team’s findings validate earlier studies that showed that the new strain spreads more easily and also supports evidence that the mutation did not cause the virus to cause severe disease. The mutation can help the virus to flourish better in the nose and upper respiratory tract, which will help it to spread.

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Officially stated that ‘targeted vaccination’ in December or early January

Meanwhile, a top US official said on Thursday that every American who wants to get the vaccine will be able to do so by April.

US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told CNN, “Initially, in December and January, we were going to have very targeted vaccinations, which also helped some of our largest chains, such as Walgren and CVS.”

It would take enough vaccines to vaccinate “all of our most vulnerable citizens” in December, he said, followed by “all our seniors, as well as our emergency first responders and our health care workers”.

& # 39; We can do it better, & # 39; Doctors are critical for Kovid-19 antibody treatment rollout

“From the end of March to the beginning of April, we think of all the vaccines we’ve invested in, we have enough for all Americans who want to get vaccinated,” he said.

While the United States is not yet authorized Kovid-19 vaccine, drug maker Pfizer announced Monday Initial data on its vaccine suggests that it is more than 90% effective. Authorities are widely expected that the company will be able to apply for an Emergency Use Authority by the end of the month.

CNN’s Lauren Mascarenhas, Elizabeth Cohen, Sameera Said and Maggie Fox contributed to this report.

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