Hull City’s stadium targets were ‘curious’, higher than stipulated in the Premier League regulations, so they had to use a mechanical saw, to leave them in the regulatory action.

a unusual picture Registered at the end of last week championshipSecond Division of the United Kingdom, after the commitment between Hall City and the Birminghamwill evidence the failure of the domain against regulation.

When checking goals, through Participation judgesThey realized that the brackets were higher than the laws of the state Premier Leagueso an intervention had to be made, which resulted in a delay Start the game and leave unreleased scenes on the field.

work that MKM Stadium workershad to cut vertical tubes From both brackets, where they used Electric saw On British caddy grass.

Scenes have gone viral, because of their rarity and during them some lights It was hung between a stunning lawsuit between Liverpool s Manchesterothers have reached the stronghold Hull City, to record what happened in their stadium.

Finally, the duel was played and ended with a victory Birmingham 2-0with those installed in Twelfth place in the tournament.