The Warriors reportedly feared that Kel Thompson had suffered a ‘significant’ injury: how could they react to the move?

What was supposed to be full of possibilities for one night Golden State Warriors Became a potential disaster. Armed with No. 2 overall in Wednesday’s draft and all the options that came with it, all optimism went out the window when news broke Kel thompson, While intensifying his workouts with the fast-tracked 2020-21 season in Southern California, had suffered a “significant Akilis injury”. Per Chris Haines of Yahoo.

You want to talk about a gut punch.

This is a knockout earning.

We will remain as positive as possible for the time being. Thompson, who surely missed last season after tearing his left ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, is expected to undergo imaging on Thursday to determine the exact injury and severity. But the word travels quickly on such things. When all the players in the league are Send request, It is almost certainly not good.

In addition to feeling terrible for Thompson, one of the most liked players in the NBA and a guy who really likes to play basketball, the first question was whether this last-minute news could impact the Warriors. How to reach the draft. It did not appear to do so, as they took on a player whom they have been associated with continuously throughout the draft process at James Wiseman.

It should have been a night of celebration for the Warriors, who fully expected to return to championship contention. Step curry And Thompson is replacing Swarthy and Wiseman as the missing-piece big man. If Thompson has actually broken his Akilis, all of that is out the window.

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If it is a partial tear, Thompson will still spend the entire regular season in the absence of six months, and whether the Warriors will actually take him back, even if they managed to make the playoffs without him on the heels of an ACL and Achilles tear. Have been By that time, Thompson would not have played in an NBA game in two full calendar years, and the Warriors still owe him more than $ 122 million through 2024. As this window is trying to make some more title runs for the Warriors franchise. With Curry set to age 33 this season, they cannot afford to fall completely short.

So now what? Suppose this is a complete tear and Thompson is out for the season: Will the Warriors get extra offensive in the trade market, who may, in a short period of time, try to replace Thompson. Would they think of advancing the Wolves’ first-round pick of 2021 – which they achieved D’Angelo Russell Can a top five pick in the trade and a steep draft class – for a prepared contributor? Would they dare to throw the Wiseman in a settlement, if he says, like a player Marx smartThe Will they get in? Danilo Gillenri sport? Will they think of food Eric Gordon’s A contract for a man who can score in Thompson’s absence and provide depth on his return?

Late Wednesday, Warriors GM Bob Myers said that even before Thompson’s injury, he was given a “green light” from the Warriors’ ownership to use the $ 17 million trade exception that came as a result of the 2019 deal Andre Igodala For Memphis, and he will actually use that money to gain the depth of the wing, if the right opportunity arises, as relayed by him Mark J. Spears of the unfind.

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This is not a light decision by the Warriors management. As a team working north of the luxury-tax line, $ 17 million could cost as much as $ 50 million north of Golden State, depending on which other roster they move. All in all, the Warriors could be sadly missed with a $ 350 million-ish roster that, without Thompson, couldn’t possibly compete for a championship, a figure that gets harder to swallow in a year where Gate revenue can be completely lost without fans. Attendance.

There is no way out. If Thompson does indeed tear up his Akilis, the Warriors could get the top three or four title contenders from a team that may not make the playoffs in the Western Conference. If that becomes a reality, it may be that the Warriors are ready for a better draft pick in a monster 2021 class with more than half a punt on yet another season, which they rock with Minnesota’s pick and perhaps Wiseman – Can be prepared to lay solid foundations. for future?

It is difficult to imagine. Curry will be 33 again before the end of this upcoming season. He is a once-in-a-lifetime player. With team like Lebron james, Conventional wisdom would suggest that you dredge that player for every championship contestant he or she deserves and worry well about the future. This is an almost impossible line for the Warriors to navigate. Suddenly they are trying to plan for the present and the future at the same time, and one of the players who was supposed to be a bridge between the two may just get an injury, which can be no exaggeration. Change their course, career and the entire franchise forever.

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