THE decision of Iloilo City Rep. Jerry Treñas to retire from politics come 2019 was met with varied reactions, from sadness to incredulity. Even if others are suspicious that he will indeed call it quits, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and consider the implications of his retirement. As he has announced in […]

Corruption of the past still haunts us

By: Benjie Oliveros IT HAS been 10 months since the Aquino administration stepped down and the Duterte Cabinet took over the reins of government and still, the Filipino people are suffering from the effects of the anomalies of the past. This is best exemplified by the problems people confront at the Department of Transportation and Communications, […]


I ATTENDED three exhibits during the week. One is the first public revelation of the artist in Kara Leonardia while the two others were about historical events and personalities. Of course, Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia happens to be her father and Elsa, her mother. Kara’s water color paintings are amazing. I am not keen about […]

Write Your Epitaph

THE NORM has been thinking about where to dine out with family and friends for special occasions, or how to find big breaks in whatever field of discipline. Until what we least expect happens. Boholanos never expected an invasion of terrorists a few months ago. Just as the Abu Sayaff adventure in Bohol ended, we […]

Reclamation woes

IF MEDIA reports are true, efforts to rehabilitate and preserve our critical bodies of water like the Budburan Creek in Lapuz Norte, Iloilo City will be to naught because of the insensitivity of some businessmen and so-called power brokers and influence peddlers hiding under Lin-ay’s skirt. We passed by the area and we saw reclamation […]

Again the homily

TWENTY-SIX years have passed since my ordination in the palindrome year of 1991. Events like this always elicit from me deep sentiments of thanksgiving to God and all for everything that I have experienced and learned through those years, including the failures and setbacks which can be rich sources of goodness if handled well. They […]

How to be another Christ

NOW that we are in the Lenten season, we can observe, thanks be to God, the practice of making the Way of the Cross more often in many churches. This is usually done not only individually, but also collectively, as in by families, organizations, neighborhoods, etc. Let’s hope that this practice persists and spreads. But […]

Mirth day

By: Labay2x OKAY, there’s too much strife even if many are celebrating the Golden State Warriors’ victory in the NBA finals. Time to take a breather from all this woeful world and look at the brighter side of things through these witty stories we found in   LEXOPHILIA Lexophilia is a word used to describe […]

Being Catholic-3

IN the HMC are CINOs who exercise strong influence among the members. They belong to anti-Catholic groups and surely are happy about an issue that would undermine and eventually wreck the Church and undo the great things that St. John Institute does and what this school represents. SJI is a threat, a thorn to the […]