Better borrow than steal

TWO of Bacolod’s top politicians who hate each other like men who have rotten tooth and want it extracted, are back at each other’s throat. Election or not, they are at logger heads. Former Congressman Monico Puentevella and incumbent Mayor Evelio Leonardia had been rivals or more precisely political enemies for so long, their quarrel […]

Who’s afraid of a reenacted budget?

By: Limuel S. Celebria IN THE past week until today, our good friends at the Iloilo provincial capitol are crying to the heavens over the failure of the provincial board to pass the proposed 2019 Executive Budget. Painting a picture of dire forebodings for the entire province itself, they lament doomsday scenarios – of hospital services […]

Returning the Bells

By: Sung Kim (The author is the current US Ambassador to the Philippines) THIS morning (Dec 11, 2018), a U.S. Air Force plane bearing three historic bells from San Lorenzo de Martir Church in Balangiga will land at Villamor Air Force Base. These bells were taken 117 years ago; later today it will be my honor […]

Filtering and purifying

THIS is a skill that is getting more and more relevant and indispensable these days. With all the waste matter and other forms of impurities and contaminants that now fill our environment, we have to make sure that we, for example, filter and purify our water. We just don’t drink directly from the tap anymore. […]

Deadly hysteria

MEASLES outbreak is exploding around the country. This is the result of the deadly hysteria unleashed by Persida Acosta, chief of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO). Thanks to Acosta, Filipino kids are once again dying of preventable diseases. Acosta launched her so-called crusade after a controversy broke out on the dengue vaccination program of launched […]

A season for trees

ALMOST everywhere – malls, schools, houses, public plazas, offices, barangay halls, subdivisions open spaces, streets, sari-sari stores, restaurants, lowly carenderias, even churches, rectories and seminaries, jails and detention centers, islands dividing the roads – there is the tree wrongly and hypocritically called “Christmas tree.” Gaudily decorated and sparkling with multicolored lights and tinsels, the tree […]

The KWF mandate and its work (Last of 3 parts)

By: the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino Is the new orthography a “Tagalization” of Philippine languages? If we persisted on using the “Tagalized orthography,” as claimed by detractors, the native words cited wouldn’t have retained their original pronunciations when they entered the corpus of the national language—faléndag would have been “palendag,” vakúl would have been “bakul,” and […]

Deeds and not simply words

YES, we should not just be good in words. We have to convert our words and intentions to concrete deeds. Otherwise, there hardly would be any effect! In so many words, Christ said it. “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the […]

When war broke out

IT was 7:00 o’clock in Hawaii in the morning of December 7, 1941 but very early morning of December 8 when news of the Japanese attack reached the Philippines. It was the feast of the Immaculate Conception, a holiday of obligation for Catholics and Sunday as well. They had to hear Mass which was only […]

The KWF mandate and its work (2nd of 3 parts)

By: the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino DO other Filipino languages have “official” orthographies? Our colonizers did not or neglected to impose their orthographies on the other native languages mainly for the reason that they felt the other languages were not valuable for their purposes, or many of the ethnic groups lived in remote areas the colonizers […]

Ghost of the coal fuel

LIKE the ghost of the Christmas past, the issue of a coal fired power plant is haunting Negros once again. It seems that the proponents have never learned their lessons. Time and again it is made clear – the people of this province simply don’t like a coal powered plant. There is actually no arguing […]