American landing and bounty-hunting (2)

By: Zeidrick-J Cudilla AS EARLY as three o’clock in the morning of G-Day (March 18, 1945), the landing ship tanks (LST) and landing craft infantry (LCI) of the Americans had tactically prepared for their positions upon disembarkation off Tigbauan beach a few hours later. As soon as the military vessels signified its appearance to the […]

Looming water crisis

IN 2014, I received a voluminous book, World Changing: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century, edited by Alex Steffen and published in New York. It covers a wide range of subjects addressing issues and challenges for this century that can impact on the next. Although the 22nd century is too far away from our […]


By: Engr. Edgar Mana-ay Believe it or not, in year 2008, I ate coal in the presence of students, faculties and guests of a coal symposium in Central Philippine University to prove to the audience that coal is NOT toxic nor poisonous. In fact, it is first aid for diarrhea. I had totally forgotten about […]

A good old-fashioned egging

By: Reyshimar Arguelles REGARDLESS of how decent you project yourself to be, there’s no arguing the fact that you’re bound to flip tables and middle fingers when you get completely irate and frustrated and angry at something as stupid as pineapple pizza. You would react the same way when you hear the most horrendous and […]

Restraining our outrage

ANGER and outrage certainly have a place in our life. They are natural reactions to events and situations that are truly horrible. But we have to be most careful with them. They should not be allowed to last long, and much less to dominate us for good. Christ himself showed anger when he discovered that […]

A dreadful list

Throughout history there is always a list that poses grave danger to those on it. The list is the sword of Damocles hanging over the head like waiting for the executioner’s ax to fall. President Rodrigo Duterte has prepared such a list that is now called “Narco List” containing the names of elected officials that […]

A wife to die for

“I love being my husband’s wife.”–Julianna Margulies NEW YORK CITY — I haven’t met Mrs. Victoria “Marivic” Griengo-Mabilog in person, but based on what I have heard in the news about her these past years, I think she is the kind of wife any husband will die for unconditionally. Of all the elected public officials […]

A Poem

WHEN I see how people are lionized because of their wealth, I feel uneasy. Especially if many assume that God’s approval is directly correlated to a person’s amassed fortunes. Especially if some churches seem to ignore the poor albeit around 100 passages of the Scriptures say that they should not be forgotten. I just penned […]

American landing and bounty-hunting (1)

By: Zeidrick-J Cudilla For the people of Panay island, March 18 of every year could mean two things: rereading local history or simply basking in the comfort offered by the special non-working holiday (thanks to President Corazon Aquino’s Proclamation No. 430 of 1989). When the American forces landed onthe southern shoresof the island on this […]

Acknowledging our sinfulness

This is one important matter to attend to if we want our Christian life to keep going. We need to acknowledge our sinfulness and everything related to it so that, at least, we can start asking for forgiveness and developing the corresponding proper attitudes and virtues. There is no use denying this obvious fact of […]