Creative beginners

WILLIAM Wordsworth’s poem, “The Rainbow” speaks of profound paradox, “The child is the father of the man.” It is a verity that a person is the product of his beliefs, habits and behavior learned and developed from babyhood. What a child learns most often determines his future. A grader poem says, “In the heart of […]

American landing and bounty-hunting (3)

By: Zeidrick-J Cudilla JAPANESE elements in the city hastened to escape from the city of Iloilo to avoid confrontation with the American occupiers. While some fought to the very end trying to defend the beleaguered city, majority did not risk their lives, knowing that they will still be overpowered by the combined forces of the […]

We’re still being created

WE need to be clear about this fundamental truth about ourselves. We are still being created by God. Our creation is still ongoing. Our creation is still in the making. This time though, our creation involves our cooperation. If we review the story of the creation of the world (cfr. Gen 1,1-2,1), we will notice […]

The Zubiri proposal

IN THE discussions on the fate of the Philippine sugar industry that is facing the impending liberalization of international trade, I cited last week the proposal of Senator Miguel Zubiri. It is well-known that he is a strong supporter of the industry considering that his family is rooted in it. Although from Negros, his family […]

Playing William Tell

By: Reyshimar Arguelles NOWADAYS, you can’t talk about human rights without triggering a Marcos apologist or generally anyone who sees nothing wrong with the administration’s peace and order agenda. There’s no question that President Duterte steamrolled into power on a platform that’s partly inspired by the Death Wish films, with Duterte himself being the magnum-totting […]

Bacolod – Deep City-7

LET ME clarify this matter first. I write only for The Daily Guardian ( for print and online media and, purely online, for Any other commentary material in other publications using my name is a fake, a deception and is criminally liable for identity theft. Last week I cited reports that there are thousands […]

We can help solve water shortage

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.” – Mitch Hedberg WE should pay attention to what the authorities in charge of our water supply are saying now that  El Niño phenomenon is again wreaking havoc in many areas in the Philippines. If they are saying that water level in our […]

The ‘Go and Bato jump’ and what this means

CRITICS and supporters of the president and his senatorial slate cannot deny that the latest pulse asia and social weather stations surveys have seen two of the Presidents most iconic candidates catapult to the winning circle. Former Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go and former Philippine National Police and Corrections Chief Roland […]