Treasonous hypocrisy

THE Du30 administration is dripping with treason. Even its hypocrisy is treasonous. Two incidents this week highlighted how hypocritical and treacherous the leadership of the country is. Both incidents involve foreigners and a foreign power. The contrasting behavior of Du30 in the two incidents once more emphasized not only the inconsistency of Du30 but his […]

Of subsidence and saltwater intrusion

By: Edgar Mana-ay RECENTLY there are self-proclaimed experts and prophets of doom warning the public on subsidence and saltwater intrusion. Again, it would be for the benefit of the public if we put science into these two subjects rather than indulge in fake news and rumor-mongering Subsidence is the lowering of the ground level because of […]

The sugar quota system

LAST month a group from the University of the Philippines interviewed me for about two hours about the Negros sugar industry, the origin and development of the hacienda system, rise of the hacendado class, the emergence and decline of the sacada labor force, the stagnation of the industry, among several others. To understand the industry, […]

May bread ko

BAW, daw mayo gd ang move subong ni Kap Playboy bah. Abi ninyo, may nag sugid sa akon nga after gali sang new contract ratification sang isa ka daku nga negosyante nga guin sukot lang kag guin approve sang mga pulahan nga mga konsehal sa isa ka syudad sa ahaw nga balor, sus, may mga […]

Iloilo’s property scenario

I JUST came across the Provincial Property Reports of Colliers, a Canada-based global commercial real estate services organization, for the first quarter of 2018. Colliers provides “services to commercial real estate users, owners, investors and developers; they include consulting, corporate facilities, investment services, landlord and tenant representation, project management, urban planning, property and asset management […]