Boracay 2: Back From Rehab

By: Reyshimar C. Arguelles I WOULD like to describe the history of Boracay Island in relation to the life of a Hollywood celebrity. Once a nobody, it found fame the same way half of the world’s famous actors and actresses did: using an inherent charm that never seems to wilt with age. The white sands and […]

Biron vs Defensor: An icy rivalry

“The rivalry is with ourselves. I try to be better than is possible. I fight against myself, not against the other.” – Luciano Pavarotti NEW YORK CITY – This is the first time in recent memory that two aspirants for governor of Iloilo Province in the Philippines haven’t used a mud, so far, to pull […]

Historical structures

A REPORT of the burning down of an ancestral house in Victorias City and its valuable contents of cultural and historical value recalls to mind the destruction of many of our historical structures. One such structure is the entrance to the Spanish era Puerto San Juan where now stands the commercial enterprise, 888. The demolition […]

Tempus breve est

THAT’S from the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians. (7,29) It means that time is short. It strongly reminds us that we cannot afford to waste time which is a most precious resource we have in fulfilling the ultimate goal of our life. The complete passage goes this way: “What I am saying, […]

A question of conscience

“A CLEAR conscience fears no accusation.” But in the case of the Iloilo capitol under Arthur Defensor Sr., stonewalling and runaround is the name of the game. More than two weeks after former provincial administrator Manuel Mejorada asked capitol executives to show proof that Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds that were distributed in the middle […]

The hidden God

 “ADORO te devote, latens Deitas.” So starts that famous Eucharistic hymn composed by St. Thomas Aquinas. It means, “Hidden here before me, Lord, I worship you.” And it continues, “Quae sub his figuris vere latitas,” which means, “Hidden in these symbols, yet completely true.” The words definitely drip with deep faith and love. They also […]

Taking over Baciwa – 2

WHEN an unsolicited proposal was submitted by Dynamics Builders, the province announced that there is such a proposal and called for a “challenge”, that is, if there is anybody who wishes to submit an alternative or a matching or better offer. When nobody did by the deadline, the provincial council began the study and debate […]

Recognizing and educating the IPs

PROCLAMATION No. 1906, series of 2009 declares every October as the National Indigenous Peoples (IP) Month based on the constitutional mandate of recognizing and protecting the rights of indigenous cultural communities geared towards national unity and development. Under this proclamation, all agencies of the Government are enjoined to actively participate in the celebration. The National […]


By: Reyshimar C. Arguelles ELECTION season started last week and, as expected, we were treated to a collection of eccentrics who think they are just as competent in running the country as the next guy. Come to think of it, maybe they are. The Senate and the House of Representatives have been saturated by “bobos” as […]