A war story

A READER, Eulogio Empio, sent what he calls “my family’s little contribution in the liberation of Negros” in reaction to my column last Friday on the first American landing in Pulupandan of the US 40th Division. Let me quote the story (with some editing) that his mother told him, a personal narrative usually missed in […]

Why Christians should rethink G12

CHRISTIAN churches thrive and prosper with Biblical and management wisdom. No doubt, those which cannot balance between the two could either be like cogon fires that are here for a moment, or marketing firms going awry. G12, one of the systems that some evangelical churches adopt these days, raise concerns. Does it make healthy and […]

Señoron’s case

ON MARCH 20, someone sent to my office address a copy of drug ratter Ricky Serenio’s supplemental affidavit, but since I don’t go there except when necessary, I got the copy later. Considering that Serenio’s affidavit had been published, I saw no point in repeating the same facts. Now that the PNP has acted on […]

Listening to the homily

PRIESTS, of course, should try their best to prepare and deliver their homilies well, seeing to it that the word of God is effectively transmitted and the loving encounter between Christ and the people is facilitated. But the people themselves also have to know how to listen because without the proper dispositions, they will miss […]

Small matters

AMONG the many aspects of city life that are proper subjects of commentaries are the streets, the sidewalks, the trash, the safety of passage and the esteros because these directly affect the citizenry. They are not grand subjects but they are the small and ordinary matters that officials of government tend to give low priority. […]

When provoked to anger

WE HAVE to be ready when this eventuality comes. It certainly is unavoidable. In fact, these days there are more occasions when we get provoked to anger. Aside from own miseries and defects, our trials, difficulties and challenges we have to face, we now have to contend with the increasing differences we have among ourselves, […]

Betrayal of public trust

SPEAKER of the House of Representative Pantaleon Alvarez threatened Vice President Leni Robredo with impeachment for the video message she sent to the 60th United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting in Vienna. The video is critical of Du30’s bloody and brutal drug war. “Drug abuse should not be treated as one that can […]

Church heritage

LAST Sunday I attended briefly the opening of the exhibits of the “pasos” of San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish in Talisay City. The exhibition is opened until Holy Week. There were 22 last year but this year two more were added by donors. The latest I saw was the washing of the feet of St. […]

My Legacy Shines Brighter

ONE of the things that a college mentor cherishes most is to see how his or her mentee shine. Rymer Gengoni, my former student and member of the Hebron Artist art club which I founded in Iloilo, is at the top among them–perhaps my greatest legacy. He humbly started as a BS advertising student at […]

Confession heals us interiorly

WE NEED to restore the true face of confession whose public image is getting very distorted. This is unfortunate because confession actually plays an indispensable role in a believer’s life. It’s where Christian life is recovered, or at least strengthened. Of course, confession has to be understood as a doctrine of faith. One misses the […]

Quick victory

I WILL devote Fridays for subjects on Negros history to respond to request that I share historical information that are rare nowadays particularly those related to Negros Island and by affiliation with Panay. Last Friday I wrote on the landing of the US 40th Division to liberate Negros. In truth the American assault was only […]