Fighter to beat me not yet born, says Mayweather

Fighter to beat me not yet born, says Mayweather

FLOYD Mayweather Jr. is convinced the fighter who is destined to beat him in the ring has not yet been born. Or maybe he won’t even come.

In another obvious dig against nemesis Manny Pacquiao, the unbeaten five-time world champion said that unlike the Filipino, who already has three losses in his fight record, he still has to suffer his first defeat.

“There is no remedy on how to beat Floyd Mayweather yet,” said Floyd Jr. to

In typical Mayweather bravado, Floyd Jr., who sports an unblemished card of 41-0 (25 knockouts), then made the ultimate challenge of naming an athlete in the world, be it in boxing or not, who remained unbeaten in a long stretch of time just like the way he did.


“Name me one athlete, and not just boxing. Tell me one athlete right now who’s done it for 15 years and is undefeated,” said the 34-year-old native of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

And then he proceeded to point out how Pacquiao already had lost a couple of times and was even knocked out twice in his career.

“I’ve been talking about the Pacquiao thing for a while now. Like I’ve said before, I don’t know if he has two or three losses, but there is a remedy on how to beat Pacquiao. We know Pacquiao has been knocked out twice. He has three losses. He has two draws.”

Mayweather also pointed out that great fighters whom Pacquiao had beaten — from Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, to Sugar Shane Mosley — also fell from his punches. “I fight them first and then he fights my leftovers.”

“When I beat fighters they say they are too small, or too slow or over the hill, but when he (Pacquiao) fights the guys, he gets praised for it.”

“If you guys want to write, just tell the truth. That’s all I ask.” (GMA News)

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