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HOLY Week or Semana Santa, the term that reflects our Spanish cultural influence, is a significant occasion in our predominantly Catholic country.

In line with this religious festivity, Iloilo’s City’s historic St. Anne Parish Church, commonly known as Molo Church led by its parish priest Msgr. Maurillo Silva and Fr. Angelo Colada, along with Chairman Michael Osimco and Vice chairman Michael Ofalia, recently spearheaded an exhibit of Holy Week images of saints.

The religious images featured here are the oldest religious icons owned by prominent families in Molo as well as from other towns in Iloilo   

The times may be changing, but Semana Santa continues to keep our family ties close to one another. Relatives gather to tend their ancestral saint’s images, while the younger generations walk proudly and pray behind the carroza during the processions.

Only time can tell how long the tradition will be observed by future generations. But our nurtured faith will continue to persevere.

The Molo church was built in 1831 under Fray Pablo Montaño and was completed in 1888 by Fray Agapito under the supervision of Don Jose Manuel Locsin. The church is made of white corral rock and is considered as one of the most attractive churches in the Philippines.

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