A BURST of flamboyant couture and fashion parade awed shoppers of the sprawling Festive Walk Mall when Cosmo Iloilo’s toppity fashion designers gave a tribute to Ilonggo fiesta celebrations.

The Fiesta Queens and their King consorts wore awesome Filipiniana stunners by talented Ilonggo fashion designers.

Leading the festivity is 2018 Dinagyang Festival Hermano Mayor Judgee Lopez Peña and wife Hermana Mayora Sarah Opolencia-Peña who was resplendent in Filipiniana gown by the famed designer Patis Tesoro.

The fiesta, while not a uniquely Filipino tradition, is one of the main cultural and religious celebrations in the Philippines.

The celebration of the fiesta, which means feast, is one of the influences of Spain that always highlighted the flamboyant coronation of Fiesta Queens and King Consorts who serve as ambassadors in every city, municipality, and village all over our country.

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