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SIMPLE is fun. This is how I describe the recent birthday bash of US-based Ilonggo Boy Dinzon.

He painstakingly spruced up his New Jersey home with elegant black-and-white decors all the way to the al fresco garden for his special night.

As expected, a pack of family and close pals gamely came in their most comfy fashionable outfits (also in black and white) to feast on the sumptuous fare especially prepared by the celebrant.

Aside from the food and flowing drinks, chart-topping disco hits made the celebration “funtastically dramatic.”

“The best and most fantastic blessings in life are friends who truly elevate the mundane task of entertaining and partying to a sublime art!” Boy said with pride.

Cheers to that Boy Dinson! A happy, happy birthday! Mwaaah!

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