The Ultimate Northern Island Adventure

Text and photos by: Bombette G. Marin

WITH its fabulous island beaches, Iloilo is the ultimate destination for most travellers.

The northern island beaches are ideal for those who dare to look beyond the well-worn tourist path. The towns of Ajuy, Concepcion and Carles offer an exciting world of breathtaking seascapes and authentic experiences.

The string of island beaches suit all tastes – from sand to gravel to rock to pebble defined by sheer limestone cliffs, creamy-white sand, and clear blue waters which attract thousands of tourists yearly.

Visitors will find an exclusive place where their only worry will be how much sun they decide to take in during the day.



The fishing and agricultural town of Ajuy is a second class municipality situated 91.9 kilometers (an hour-and-a-half drive) northeast from Iloilo City.

It has a land area of 19, 346 hectares politically subdivided into 34 barangays, 3 of which are island barangays. The town has a number of beautiful island beaches which offer white sand and waters of green and blue hue. It has inland and island resorts which offers relaxation as well as recreation for everyone.

Plan a whole day trip as travel time is about an hour and a half each way. Amid emerging tourism development, the islands of Ajuy have minimal disruptions. Locals usually find that the island beaches are enough reasons to visit the town.

Choosing among them is a difficult task, but you will get to the same result – breathtaking experiences.



The island beaches of Concepcion are its finest escapes and Iloilo’s best-kept secrets.

The reality of these islands is that development has not scarred the beachfronts.  There is something about the colors of the sea, white sands with palms perfect for hammocks.

Swimming galore and you have all the trappings of a great travel destination. Visitors will find an exclusive place where your only worry will be how much sun you decide to take in during the day.



The highlight of your trip to Carles is the island escapade to the creamy white-sand beaches of Gigantes Islands which are accessible daily through motorized boat-ride. The islands are 21 kilometers or an hour and a half from the mainland.

Gigantes are a gem, hiding in plain sight on the north-eastern shores from Bancal Fishing Port, glowing beacons for beach lovers everywhere.

Gigantes Islands form the sea borders with Bantayan Island in Cebu and Masbate. The islands are among the most popular, scenic and unique of all the island beaches in the province.

Considered a major tourist destination of the province, this island group includes Gigante Norte with barangays Granada and Asluman and the islands of Bolobadiang, Uaydajun, Gigantona and Giganteleo; and Gigante Sur with barangays Lantangan and Gabi and the islands of Antonia Point, Bantigue, Cabugao Dako, Cabugao Gamay, Polopandan, Balbagun and Tangke.

The 5th congressional district in the northernmost portion of Iloilo is positioned as the ISLAND DESTINATION of the province.

Comprised of 11 towns – Barotac Viejo, San Rafael, Ajuy, Concepcion, Sara, Lemery, San Dionisio, Batad, Estancia, Balasan and Carles – it is also home to islands and islets. It is the largest in terms of land area and second most populated area in the whole province.

Know more of the northern islands of Iloilo during the 13th Tumandok on Sept 21-24, 2017 at the fountain area of Robinsons Iloilo main mall.

The event is annually organized by the Provincial Culture, Arts, History and Tourism Office, DOT-VI and Robinsons Place Iloilo with the Iloilo Tourism Officers Association, Inc. (ITOA), ISAT-University and The Daily Guardian.

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