To Sculpt and To Inspire

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

“Our society is wrapped with darkness influenced by wicked personalities. My works are based on my experiences and negative observations. I represent dark expressions to light up positive morals.”

These are the meaningful words of Jun Orland Espinosa, 21, of La Paz, Iloilo City, a finalist in the Excellence in Visual Media International Awards 2016.

At the age of 13, he started to learn ornamental wood sculpting with guidance from his uncle, Nelgen Ejar.

He joined exhibits and competitions and took advice from artists like Arel Zambarrano, Allain Hablo, and his elder brother Tyrone Dave Espinosa.

He said being a keen observer and good listener help him reach his achievements. He considers poverty not an obstacle but a motivator to attain his dreams.

As of now, he defines himself as a passionate artist who is obsessed with arts.

“I seek fame not to be famous but to inspire.”


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