The Rise of OPM

Story and photos by: Sonnet John F. Llaguno

“OPM is DEAD” this is the stigma which pervaded since Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Paramore dominated the music charts in the country, which made people think that every time they hear the word OPM or Original Pilipino Music, they would think that it’s just another thing of the past.

But just like the phoenix rising from the ashes, OPM is not dead after all. Today, Indie-OPM is the most listened-to genre in the country.

Artists like IV of Spades, Ben&Ben, Reese Lansangan, Autotelic, and The Ransom Collective, who were considered unknown playlists before, got the right attention from people who became their fans,

Their music became chart toppers in radio station and music charts, which brought their music to new heights as they perform in different countries.

Rivermaya headlined the benefit concert of JCI Iloilo Ilang-Ilang in Iloilo City last May 25, 2018. According to lead vocalist Mike Elgar, the future of OPM is looking very bright since the recording and publishing of musical contents are now made easy with the internet, and social media.

Iloilo City has a lot of local indie artists such as Sean Ortencio, EMBER, Ethan Loukas, The Pretzels who became front acts for FRANCO, Chicosci, The Ransom Collective, and other well known bands who held gigs in the city.

“Always be prepared for that big break to come,” is there common advice to local artists who are striving for a big break in the music industry.

Local artists should also continue practicing and looking for opportunities. They should be musically, mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared because they’ll never know when will that big break come.

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