Success in the eyes of a micro-entrepreneur

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

MAYFLOR Cepeda has a lot to discuss about success, especially in micro-entrepreneurship, being a parent and a government worker.

“There is no specific time or date that I was able to discover my strength. For me, what I did or I am doing is just normal and part of my obligation because if I don’t do that – cooking and baking and selling what I cooked and baked – I can’t send my son to college. I’m just an ordinary government employee and my salary is not enough to send him to college. That’s how I started and eventually people liked what I cooked,” Cepeda says.

She later became a resource person in trainings and seminars on Livelihood Food Processing in Western Visayas.

“I never thought that what I have done will give a big impact to myself and at the same time will inspire others, and that’s how I realized to start to form my goals in life,” she says.

Her goals are to become an inspiration to the whole Filipino community, especially to struggling solo parents; to see her son attend his college graduation ceremony; and to become a very successful entrepreneur.

Cepeda had her share of obstacles in achieving her goals.

“The obstacles that I personally faced while enhancing my strength to achieve my goals are, first, time management of my schedule. How could I adjust my schedule being an entrepreneur, a government employee, a resource person? The biggest responsibility I have is to be a mother and father, being a solo parent. Conflicts arise every now and then, but what I do to manage my schedule is I always identify and prioritize.”

Another challenge she faced are criticisms from envious persons.

“Actually it’s just normal thing lang naman ‘pag na-achieve mo na ang goal mo or nag-succeed. What I do to those individuals na ganon, I am just ignoring them as long as they are not hurting my son and me physically, kasi ibang usapan na ‘yan ‘pag ganon. Lastly I’m surrendering myself na lang through prayers,” she added.

Cepeda graduated from college with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, major in Home Economics.

“As a Home Economics teacher by profession, we were taught to have patience with students inside the classroom and I learned to apply that patience to my situation right now,” she says.

For Cepeda, her greatest achievement so far is that she is able to handle her responsibility as a solo parent, as an entrepreneur, as a speaker, and as a government employee.

“I am still the same Mayflor Subong Janagap Cepeda, a normal individual with much greater responsibility in life; that is to my family, to my work, to my students, and to all persons who believe that I am able to inspire them with my stories and experiences.”

“The greatest lesson in my life is that as much as possible if problems arise, if they need to be settled immediately, settle them, and always have patience and forgiveness in your heart. What I want to tell to the world is that life is beautiful. We need to cherish and love everything that we have. We all have our own different purposes in this world, as much as possible if you have the opportunity to help others, do it and be an inspiration to everyone.”

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