Robinsons Place Antique Transforms into a World-Class Entertainment Hub

After only two years since its landmark opening, Robinsons Place Antique, the most-loved mall that shifted the rugged Panay landscape into one that houses the wonders of modern life and style, is set to unveil a gleaming new wing that brings the world’s finest cinema experience in the celebrated community hub. Adding an expansive 18,000 square meters to its existing mall area, Robinsons Place Antique is set to unveil a bolder, bigger malling experience for the Antiquenos, with four state-of-the-art Robinsons Movieworld cinemas as crowning glory.

“Now open in time for the influx of the most-awaited Hollywood summer blockbusters and local releases is the new Robinsons Movieworld Antique with a total of 982 cinema seats found at the 3rd floor of the Mall’s expansion wing.  The four new cinemas feature Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound with 3D technology and digital projectors, brings the latest, state of the art cinema experience to the province of Antique.

Robinsons Movieworld cinemas are designed to ensure the utmost comfort of viewers with plush, cushioned seats, cup and snack holders, carpeted aisles, and sleek interiors.  There are also dedicated elevator access and seating for PWDs and Senior Citizens.  Robinsons Movieworld promises the ultimate box-office experience with its spacious cinema lobbies adorned with dramatic ceiling lights, a computerized ticketing system that allows for online purchase of tickets, an enticing snack bar, and clean rest rooms that boast of refreshing green walls.”

Enhancing the movie-watching convenience for the Antiquenos further, in addition to paying in cash or credit at its ticket booth, Robinsons Movieworld also makes it possible to reserve and purchase tickets through the Robinsons Movieworld website, @RobMovieworld in Facebook, the Robinsons Malls mobile app, app and website, and the GMovies app. This would come in handy when cutting through the long queue that would lead to Robinsons Place Antique’s future lineup of blockbusters.

Marking the new Robinsons Place Antique expansion, the new Robinsons Movieworld will feature this season’s most-awaited release of Transformers-The Last Knight, with the robot-fever sweeping across the mall’s new wing, giving moviegoers and mall visitors a chance to have their selfies with the beloved Bumblebee. This type of immersive movie experience, unconfined in the walls of the cinemas, is expected to capture the hearts and imaginations of Antiquenos, and is the fail-safe formula that Robinsons Movieworld is employing in its 146 cinemas across 29 locations across the country. With new cinemas set to open in Robinsons Place Naga, Iligan, Ormoc and Tacloban, in addition to Antique’s new world-class cinemas, Robinsons Movieworld will be raising the curtains to 26 new cinemas this year.

“We are in the business of designing theatres where the story can be told and the magic begins,” explains Robinsons Movieworld general manager Bomboy Lim. With its new, cutting-edge cinemas, stylish movie houses and box-office lobby, its convenient ticket booking and snacking options, as well as its immersive, mall-wide entertainment experience, Robinsons Movieworld’s top-billing for the new Robinsons Place Antique expansion is definitely set to capture the minds and hearts of a people foreverdrawn to the magic of the movies.




Christian Scientists see ‘new spirit’ emerging in society

By: Kevin Ness  

BOSTON, MA — In today’s culture of political divisions and religious strife, Christian Scientists spoke at their church’s annual meeting of “a new spirit” emerging, which is calling forth the best in people across denominational and national lines.

In an interview, the chair of the denomination’s board of directors, Allison Phinney, pointed to the simplest of signs seen at a nearby Methodist church in Boston’s South End: “God is Love.” “You are Loved.” “Justice.” Said Phinney: “Materialism doesn’t satisfy. It is Spirit, God, that brings us into newness of life, shifting thought, revealing the power of church.”

“Newness of life”—a Biblical expression—was integral to this year’s meeting. The theme, “Let us feel the divine energy of Spirit, bringing us into newness of life,” came from the denomination’s textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by church founder Mary Baker Eddy. The meeting took stock of the challenges as well as the promise facing many Christian denominations in this period.

These very challenges have prompted many to look to their core values as people of faith, the board emphasized. In these core values is the power that renews individual lives and revitalizes churches and society as a whole.

There’s an awakening, Phinney said, to the fact that “we have to work together, that it requires the practical Christianity, which Christian Scientists would term healing, so evident in the life and love of Christ Jesus.” It is bringing out “a new spirit of joy and healing at work in our own movement right as communities around the world are searching for deeper answers to human needs.”

The recent launch of a daily digital edition of the 109-year-old Christian Science Monitor is one result of this deeper look at core values. According to church officials, it represents a modest new beginning, focusing less on the number of Internet hits and more on the Monitor’s basic ideal of healing and impartial journalism. “We’re seeing ever stronger demands for just treatment of all the members of human society,” Phinney noted, “and we know it is Spirit, God, the divine influence and energy, that is touching the heart of humanity.”

The new church president introduced at the meeting, Irmela Wigger of Hamburg, Germany, is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher active in the ministry of spiritual healing. Following a tragic incident of violence in her family some years ago, her church family brought her through. “Church is about serving God,” she said, “and from this serving we get a pouring out of Love—God’s love—you can’t imagine.”

According to the church’s clerk, Suzanne Riedel, new members joined the church from 29  countries, including Australia, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Mauritania, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Togo, Uruguay and Zimbabwe, as well as the United Kingdom and United States.  The meeting included reports of healing as well as church progress.

Founded 138 years ago, the Church of Christ, Scientist, is a Christian denomination based on the Bible. The use of the term “Science” refers to what Mary Baker Eddy saw as the spiritual laws of God as understood and demonstrated by Jesus. Members come from all walks of life and backgrounds, including the physical sciences. Said board member Rich Evans, “We don’t equate serious spiritual commitment with ignorance or unreasonable belief.”  The conclusions of the Christian Science founder “were untraditional in some respects, but she thought deeply about the relation between practical Christianity and demonstrated proof of God’s great love for humanity.”

(Philippine contact: Contact: Rodolfo A. Lacusong,

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