Painter surmounts poverty and inferiority


Poverty did not stop Vic Fario from realizing his dream. He is now a well-known painter.

“I came from Guimaras in a poor family. We are 10 children. My mother is a plain housewife and my father is a coconut wine maker or mananggeti. As a child I already had passion for arts specifically in drawing,” Fario says.

At the age of five or six, he made drawings, with the use of charcoal, copied from local comics which his brother used to read.

“I’m the seventh child. Some of my brothers and sisters finished high school and some didn’t because of poverty. I had big dreams in my life. One of them was to study Fine Arts to enhance my talent though at that time Fine Arts was not a popular course,” he says.

He graduated from high school not knowing if he could pursue his dream. He went to Manila to look for a job to help his parents. He worked as a janitor in Makati.

“This time my insecurities turned into inferiority complex. I seldom practiced drawing, hopeless to reach my dream. When I met people with nice attire or with a nice car I couldn’t even look at them straight, thinking they were giants and me, an ant,” he says.

He stopped drawing for three years, but every time he saw a painting in a gallery where he passed by, his heart pounded.

In his place in Pasay City, he met missionaries and became involved in their mission activities.

“The spiritual experiences helped me bring back my self-confidence and dignity,” he says.

He enrolled at the Philippine Women’s University, College of Fine Arts and Design, major in Painting through the help of the missionaries.

“At the age of 27 my classmates mistook me for their teacher but I felt floating at that time knowing that my dream came true,” he says.

“I’m a full-time humble painter now here in Iloilo and I’m also handling three prayer groups, one in Iloilo and two in Guimaras, as part of my spiritual mission, balik pasasalamat sa lahat ng biyaya ng talentong tinanggap mula sa Diyos,” he adds.

During summer he conducted a free art workshop for the underprivileged children of Guimaras.

“I do not consider myself now as a successful artist or a popular one though I can now depend on my painting to feed my family. For me success is not measured by being saleable or you’re well-known in art community but how you use the talent given to you according to its purpose. Talent is not self-serving. Talent is like power given to a superhero, if he or she does not know its purpose it might be destructive,” he says.

“I believe as an artist or painter that the masterpiece is not the painting but it is the painter himself doing the painting. Because the painter is the whole package of what is beautiful, good and truth that is masterpiece. The first mission of art is to make the artist a better person. To be humble, patient, optimistic and holistic as a person. So I think the signature of the artist in painting makes the painting a masterpiece,” he concludes.


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