Manggahan Festival 2018 winners

THE 2018 edition of the Manggahan Festival in Guimaras culminated in a street dance presentation featuring various hubons or groups from the five towns of the island province. And the winners are:


Major Prizes:

1st Place:  San Lorenzohanon (San Lorenzo)

2nd Place: Hubon Binagtong (Nueva Valencia)

3rd Place: Hubon Bulantihan (Jordan)

4th Place: Hubon Balsahan (Sibunag)


Best in Street Dancing:

1st Place: Hubon Bulantihan (Jordan)

2nd Place: Hubon Binagtong (Nueva Valencia)

3rd Place: San Lorenzohanon (San Lorenzo)


Minor Awards: 

Best in Performance: San Lorenzohanon (San Lorenzo)

Best in Choreography: San Lorenzohanon (San Lorenzo)

Best in Music: San Lorenzohanon (San Lorenzo)

Best in Costume and Props: San Lorenzohanon (San Lorenzo)


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