Lifestyle Medicine Expo: Ilonggos learn how lifestyle affects health

By: Maricyn A. De los Santos

Photos by: Ricky D. Alejo

HIPPOCRATES said “Let food be thy medicine; let medicine be thy food”; believe him, he is not the Father of Medicine for nothing.

In the Lifestyle Medicine Expo held in Iloilo City recently, Dr. Mechelle A. Palma and Dr. Hans Diehl shared the principles of Lifestyle Medicine – a new way of thinking about medicine and health care.

“Lifestyle Medicine changes our understanding of what it means to be in optimal health today and how we respond to our society’s epidemic of chronic disease,” said Palma, president of Remnant Institute Inc., a center for Lifestyle Medicine and Education located at La Paz, Iloilo City.

“Lifestyle Medicine provides a total-health approach that looks at every area of a person’s life in response to disease and puts the patient at the center,” Palma said.

She said many principles of lifestyle medicine are simple, logical and familiar to the ear, considering the human body as a unique system with a natural capacity to heal given the right lifestyle choices.

“To a significant degree, our lifestyle choices determine our state of health,” she stressed.

She believes that this new ay of understanding medicine and health care is now the best way forward to optimal health.

“As the research indicates, prevention and reversal of our modern chronic diseases is preferable to disease management,” she said.

“By shifting our thinking from simply controlling illness, lifestyle medicine offers choices that are the key to optimal health,” she said.

The Lifestyle Medicine Expo was sponsored by Remnant Institute, Inc., in partnership with Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Institute.

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