Kat Ramnani Explains Why There is No Instant Solution to Weight Loss

(Kat Ramnani Instagram)

When it comes to losing weight, dieting is the easy part; keeping it off is where most people fail. This is the truth that Kat Ramnani, head of music content at Globe Telecom and fiancé to Christian Bautista, eventually figured out.

In a tell-all with Metro Style, Ramnani revealed that she used to weigh 200 lbs. which was considered obese at her height of 5’4”. It was back in 2007 when Ramnani finally put her foot down and sought to transform herself. The 33-year old started by controlling her portions and eventually, incorporating exercise into her weight loss journey. Over the course of a decade, she lost over 80 lbs. and managed to maintain a healthy weight for her frame.

What Ramnani and many other people who struggle with their weight have or need to come to terms with is that there are no shortcuts to being healthy. You can go on a restrictive diet for three days and maybe lose a few pounds in the process, but you’ll soon realize that the weight creeps up faster than you can lose it.

In fact if you look at the contestants from The Biggest Loser, many of them are unsuccessful with keeping off the weight. Ryan Benson, who won the first round of the show, lost almost half of his weight from 300 lbs. to 175 lbs. after the three-month bootcamp. However, it didn’t take long for him to balloon back up to 325 lbs..

You see, diets and workout programs are effective in becoming fit especially under strict supervision. But if you revert to bad habits, your body starts to compensate for the weight loss. This is true especially for diets that promote low caloric intake to create an energy deficit but it is almost always not the healthiest option.

First of all, these starvation diets also deprive one of essential nutrients that the body needs to function efficiently. Fat in particular has had a negative connotation since diets became popular but Dr. Jimmy Manila previously clarified that not all fat is bad.

In fact, we need a specific type of fat to regulate cholesterol levels. Secondly, restrictive diets also deprive you of the amount of energy you need to survive the day. This is why nausea is a common symptom. And last but not the least, low calorie diets are detrimental to your metabolism. The Huffington Post explains that the body adapts to the caloric deficit by slowing down your metabolism.

It means that you burn less energy because the body goes into self-preservation mode. The symptoms of metabolic damage also include hunger and heightened cravings which can lead to a binge cycle.

(Kat Ramnani Instagram)

The solution to long term weight loss is actually not that complicated. You can take a page out of Ramnani’s book by eating healthy and exercising. In an overview by Pretty Me they note that cleansing the liver and colon is a vital part of weight loss and management.

If your gut is filled with toxins from processed meats, dairy, and packaged food you will have a hard time getting rid of excessive weight. It’s because of the high amounts of preservatives, sodium, and unhealthy fat that these types of food contain.

What has worked for Kat Ramnani is framing her weight loss journey towards the goal of taking care of her health. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel better about your appearance but many find that aiming for overall wellness is what really works in the long run.

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