JCI World President Visits Philippines

By Elsbeth Amancio and Juliene Amane

Junior Chamber International (JCI) World President Dawn Hetzel set foot for the first time in the Philippines to visit local chapters and see the different projects of JCI Philippines.

Hetzel arrived in the country late afternoon of March 10, 2017 and was greeted by the JCI Philippines National President and several members of the National Board.

Much enthusiasm can be felt through Hetzel’s words: “I’m very excited to be here to see the impact that JCI members here in the Philippines are making in their communities.”

Despite the very fleeting stay in the City of Love, the JCI World President tagged Iloilo City as a wonderful city as expressed her joy with the warm hospitality she experienced.

Her schedule is expectedly packed for the next few days as she will be moving from one city after another to check on the other chapters around the Philippines.

A press conference with Hetzel was held afternoon of Mar. 11 at the Grand Xing Imperial Hotel. She was accompanied by JCI Philippines National President Hegem Furigay and JCI Iloilo President Anthony Po.

Earlier that day, they visited a JCI Iloilo adopted school wherein children were fed and given hygiene kits – this being just one of so many projects of JCI Philippines with over 6,000 members.

JCI projects are mostly directed towards the advancement of the youth, usually covering personal and professional development, from school children to young adults.

Relative to JCI’s mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change, Hetzel thinks that the voice of young people is important to be heard and acknowledged so that they will be interested to participate in creating the future and they will feel that they are connected to the world.

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