Have More Reasons to shop

Text and photos by: Louine Hope Conserva

ILONGGOS now have more reasons to shop as HMR Trading Haus, which offers great deals of surplus goods at affordable prices, opens a branch in Iloilo.

HMR Trading Haus is a retail store that sells brand new, pre-owned products, and a whole range of categories including industrial tools, home and office furniture, audio and video equipment, branded apparel, toys, camping and sporting goods, among others.

“We have pre-owned and brand new. The brand new I’d say is about 80 percent. When we say surplus, it means excess. It doesn’t necessary mean second hand,” said Sharlene Carman-Powell, HMR Philippines sales and marketing director.

Powell said they primarily target the business owners and wholesale traders or generally the A-B market.

“We encourage other markets actually, but business owners in particular. Like if you’re a wholesale trader, surplus trader in the provinces, and you need supply, you can buy from us. We’re a bargain store so every day is a sale for us. We accept negotiations. We offer the best prices in town. And if you buy at HMR you might not be able to buy it anywhere else,” she said.

“One way to describe HMR is if you have relatives abroad and they send balikbayan box, then HMR is the balikbayan box. We source products from Australia, US, Europe, and all throughout Asia. So there’s something from everywhere and everyone can enjoy,” she added.

The Iloilo branch is the store’s second extension in the Visayas, the first was in Cebu. It also marks their 21st in the country.

Powell said that based on their database, a lot of their customers in Manila are businessmen from the province.

“Our customers in Manila, they are here. We’ll come closer. We do our market research and make sure that our prices are lower than the outside market by 20 to 30 percent,” she said.

Ilonggos may opt for a membership card where they get one point for every P200 purchase.

Regular customers will also be included in the Viber group chat where they will be informed whenever there’s a new arrival.

“HMR stands for have more reason. So have more reason to shop. Have more reason to get a good deal. Have more reason to come and get good service,” Powell said.

HMR officially opens on April 7, 2018 and is located inside SM Hypermarket, Corner Commission Civil, Jalandoni Street, Jaro, Iloilo City.

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