Follow Your Heart, Fuel Your Passion

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

JECKO Magallon, 20, of Santa Barbara, Iloilo, had his first solo art exhibit “Hunol”, on Nov 24, 2017, at Gallery I in Iloilo City.

He considered the exhibit as an achievement because he was able to share his works to the public which brought him happiness and a sense of freedom.

Magallon was into a lot of things when he was a child. Aside from drawing, he also loved to dance and play table tennis, which made him think if he would be in the field of dance or sports.

As the years passed by, he decided to pursue a career in painting. He went to different art exhibits and got inspired by what he saw. He started to earn money by selling hand-painted shirts during gigs and art festivals.

Magallon is t he kind of person who simply focuses on the present. He had goals which he considered blurry but his dreams were crystal clear. All he wanted to do was to travel to different places and do art.

He once read that life was a package filled with ups and downs. It was both positive and negative, and both good and bad.

He learned to love problems that made him unaware of the hardships and enjoy the process of living.

He took up Fine Arts at the University of San Agustin but temporarily stopped due to financial problems. While waiting for the time to get back to school, he spent his time in painting.

He continued to go to art related activities as these fueled his soul. He met many artists and learned a lot about art.

Magallon said success is when he becomes the best version of himself, discover his real purpose in life, and help his mother.

In the past two decades of his life, he learned that what one gets back what he gave away to the world.

He feels that his life is meant to bring change, although that change is unclear to him. But he continues to follow his heart, fuel his passion, and let himself be guided by love.

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