Runway Kitchen: A Taste of Everything

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

SALLY into the Runway Kitchen in Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo where the past, present, and future meet in harmony and let its sumptuous variety of local and international cuisine turn your family gatherings and casual meet-ups into moments to remember.

The 15-storey property equipped with 326 rooms with luxurious and state of the art amenities, and the very first Courtyard by Marriott in the Philippines offers more than just luxury.

One of its dining spaces, the Runway Kitchen which opens its doors for lunch everyday starting 12:00 noon to 2:30 PM (with a regular rate of P850 per person), adds comfort and choice to the superb lodging and food experience.

The name of the restaurant “Runway Kitchen” pays tribute to the old Iloilo airport where the hotel now stands. The occupied space used to be the runway of the Iloilo airport.

The Executive Chef of Runway Kitchen, Chachpol Suaisom, has worked for Marriott International for more than 20 years. He said he wants the guests to taste a little bit of everything. His work allowed him to travel to various countries and experience new culture and food.

Together with his team, nine stations were carefully put together to make this vision into a reality.

Customers can start satisfying their cravings with the soup of the day followed by a healthy bowl of salad greens with a variety of dressings and other condiments. Then they can indulge themselves by choosing from Western, Filipino, Japanese, local Ilonggo and live pasta stations amongst others.

If the customers can’t decide where to start, Marketing Communications Officer, Nico Ivan Velasquez assured that their helpful waiters will be more than happy to suggest options they know from heart.

“All our stations are very interactive. It’s either you want to do it on your own or also we can help you decide what you want and how to put it together with the help of our chefs who will assist you all the way,” he said.

Aside from these, the Runway Kitchen encourages its guests to succumb to their sweet tooth by feasting over specially made cakes, pastries, and a refreshing halo-halo station to help them cool down after the unending food adventure.

Their choices never stop because aside from the enticing cheese and cracker station part of the buffet is the guests’ choice of soda, coffee, hot tea, and wild berry iced tea.

Kids can go on a candy-spree and splurge themselves with sweet decadents of candies in different forms and kinds in the Candy Shop located just inside of the restaurant while their parents enjoy a luxurious and peaceful dining experience.

Of course, the pool of privileges does not end there.

The Courtyard by Marriott entitles the birthday celebrant all throughout their birth month, a free lunch buffet when joined by five guests at the Runway Kitchen on weekdays with 20% discount from their bill. Even with less than 5 guests, the same discount privilege will still be applicable.

Don’t forget the hotel’s gracious hosts. They’ll be waiting for the perfect moment to sing a happy birthday song before letting the celebrant make a wish and blow the candle on their own cake.

Aside from its international undertakings of cuisines all over the globe, the restaurant also takes pride in celebrating local food.

At least 60 and 70% of the menu is dedicated to local must-try items with key ingredients that are also locally produced, according to Velasquez.

Chef Suaisom expressed that highlighting Ilonggo dishes make our offers different and unique in comparison to all Courtyard Hotels in the world. It is this local touch that makes the property shine in a global perspective.

The chef wanted the travelers and guests to experience local food and local touch.

“We’re giving you a lot of options on how you want to eat your meal, every visit is a different story and always a worthwhile experience,” he uttered.

A juxtaposition of two motives: promoting modern international luxury while celebrating the past by paying tribute to the community and its locals, the Runway Kitchen Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo, appeals to the heart of different customers across regions and across cultures.

As a venue where the past meets the present and future, anyone can satisfy their senses in the Runway Kitchen with comfort and control over wide array of options without compromising quality and luxury.

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