Live actively through Active Life Iloilo

By: Gail T. Momblan

ARE YOU tired of masking the pain caused by sports activities? Do you need help for your physical pain that failed to be addressed by the hospital? Are you looking for a quality clinic which will provide lasting remedy for your knee, back, shoulder, and neck pain?

Dr. Ronald Samaniego brings his physical therapy expertise in the city through Active Life Iloilo Clinic- the sole clinic that is dedicated to physical therapy.

Dr. Samaniego spent fourteen years of practice on his specialty at Chicago and upon seeing the need for a physical therapy clinic in the country, he established The Active Life Chicago PT in 2015.

The clinic caters primarily to patients who fail to find cure on their physical and chronic pain in the hospital setting.

In the usual hospital setting, the doctors are the ones who assess the patient but in Active Life Iloilo, the physical therapy consultants are the ones who evaluate the patient’s first visit.

“In a way, we are like body mechanics. We don’t just follow the typical traditional approach but we actually look at the person as a whole and we treat them based on their presentation,” says Dr. Samaniego.

Active Life Iloilo offers physical therapy rehabilitation, sports conditioning, sports taping, postural correction, acupuncture, scoliosis treatment, and manual manipulation.

With prices ranging from P600-P2,500 and a maximum of 30 minutes per treatment, Active Life Iloilo assures every patient that physical pain will no longer hinder them in living their daily lives.

For typical cases, the treatment only lasts for 6-10 minutes as Dr. Samaniego also encourage the patients to live the active life by engaging in physical activities outdoors.

The Active Life Chicago PT has almost 21 clinics in different parts of the country scattered mostly at Metro Manila while some are located in the provinces like Davao, Cebu, Bacolod, Palawan, and Iloilo.

Active Life Iloilo is situated at Door #3 CPN Business Center, No. 60 General Luna Street, Iloilo City.

They accept appointments through their number 0939-130-7901 and welcomes patients on Mondays to Saturdays at 11:00am to 7:00pm.

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