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I’m Levy Amosin, travel x style blogger and founder of . “Hugging Horizons” is a brand and a blog site featuring heartfelt travel and style stories. I was born in Iloilo, raised in Manila and am sometimes based in Hong Kong. I’ve been traveling since I was 4 years old! Growing up with that lifestyle, I also found love in  photography and writing as a way of expressing myself. It is humbling to partner with the biggest newspaper in my hometown — the DAILY GUARDIAN (DG). We  are pleased to speak the truth and provide you honest stories. Authenticity is something we share and value. We built our brands on honest intentions and I am proud to partner with an organization that has served the public for 18 years.



With a degree in AB communication, I began designing a website and extended the brand to instagram (handle : @levyamosin). At present, it is now frequented by both local and international audience, mostly from South East Asia. Likes and followers aside, I believe it’s the quality of my confessions and the values I carry that have led me to where I am today. The readers and clients will speak for you. Trust me, being kind, passionate and honest go a long way.

I began sharing my travel confessions and stories publicly on the blog last 2016. As a dreamer, I believe that “our passion is our best profession.” It is a long hard road to turn our passions into a full-fledged profession, yet our dreams are invisible paths, whispered by our hearts, leading us to our true purpose. No matter the size, don’t let anyone take your dreams from you.

The blog was once just a dream. A little respect here, some honesty there, and a lot of grinding  later, “Hugging Horizons” is now a brand magnet to audiences in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.



The blog has brought me many places and opportunities. I have been invited to join Familiarization trips like NLEX Lakbay Norte 6  where I won the Travel Photo of the Year 2017 award.  Several more familiarization trips in and outside of Iloilo were given to me by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines (TPB), and they have continued to do so for more than 2 years now.

I was also the travel ambassador and the face of Helicam Philippines’ “It has to be Iloilo” in 2017 thanks to the Department of Tourism Region 6.

Recently I went on a sponsored trip to Seoul, South Korea as EON Travel and Tours’ 20th anniversary’s official blogger.

I can go on and on with my travel assignments. The world is huge, after all, and I have yet to discover all of it!



The blog has also brought in many opportunities in fashion!

It was a media partner for the ‘Belmont Fashion Show’ featuring Vogue Paris Talent Ched Studio’s collection. I also represented the Philippines during ESMOD Jarkarta’s annual fashion show where I became Indonesian international designer brand YoungWoong’s muse. Finally, I worked with SILA Paris, a Parisian jewel watch during the opening of their first pop-up store in Hong Kong.



Just this year, I became one of Spotify Asia – Philippines’ endorsers, announcing their limited time offer promotions for Spotify Premium!



The blog also gave me the opportunity to experience the accommodation of countless amazing resorts and hotels!

The blog has given me an undeniable jet setter life style, a privilege so few have. However, it isn’t fame nor the VIP treatments that push me, but rather the stories I gather along the way.

What inspires me to grind more and do better isn’t the craving of a luxurious life. It is having a voice for the community I’ve attracted. It is one of my goals to make women who wear bikinis feel confident and safe from perverts on social media. We should not allow society to define who we are.To my readers and the people that stayed despite throughout the highs and lows, THANK YOU! This is for you!

It’s been 3 years and there’s no backing out anymore. is now part of who I am, online AND offline. It’s my public diary, from my first solo trip abroad, my first hike, first cruise and more.

Little did I know, that I would be touching people’s hearts as I wrote about my trips. There are friends and critiques. Yet, the platform was built to collect stories from the dreaming heart of a stylish yet passionate traveler.


This is me.


Authentic and proud.


More than our achievements in life is our story. Let us inspire the next generation to do better, and be better than we could possibly ever imagine.


As a promise, the DAILY GUARDIAN and I will continue serving the public. See you in the coming issues!

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