Five Philippine gastronomic destinations for foodies

AGODA shares locations that will satisfy your wanderlust and hearty appetite

It is uniquely Filipino to ask someone “Kumain ka na ba?” (“Have you eaten?”) instead of “How are you?”as Filipinos take food very seriously.

Sharing meals is away to show hospitality, and sampling famous dishes is an essential part of every Filipino’s travel itinerary.

With culinary influences from the region and its colonial history, the Philippines is a must-visit gastronomic paradise.

Agoda, one of the world’s fastest growing online travel agents (OTA), shares five culinary destinations with unique local dishes to tickle your taste buds.

Learn the right way to slurp up a giant bowl of authentic lomi in Batangas

Noodle dishes may be a dime a dozen in the Philippines, but nothing compares to a hot bowl of authentic Batangas lomi filled to the brim with meaty toppings. There is no better way than to experience it firsthand in the province it originated from.

Check in at The Farm at San Benito for a truly relaxing weekend getaway so you can get the full Batangas experience without having to worry about getting back to Manila on the same day.

Give this slimy delicacy a try while basking in the beauty of Palawan.

Tamilok is not for the faint of heart. Known as “shipworm” in English, this slimy mollusc lives inside the trunks of mangroves that grow abundantly on Palawan Island. Served kinilaw-style—raw with a generous splash of vinegar, it is something that should be on every adventurous foodie’s bucket list.

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Stroll the cobbled streets of Vigan while enjoying your fix of their famous Ilocos empanada

What sets this savory pastry apart from other versions of empanadas is its unique filling of delicious longganisa, papaya, and raw egg. It’s the perfect snack to munch on while you take a stroll through history in the beautifully preserved Spanish colonial town of Vigan!

The stately interiors of the Hotel Lunaare sure to transport you to the past. Book a suite to get a taste of the grandiose life of days gone by, but with a contemporary twist.

See if you can handle the heat of Bicol express the way Albayanos do it.

It’s not just the majestic MayonVolcano that is hot in Albay. Bicol express cooked by a true-blue Bicolano, and made with meat, coconut milk and chillies, will heat things up for sure!

After that fiery bowl of stew, you can lay back and chill out in the comfort of your hotel when you stay at The Oriental Hotel Legazpi.

Food for the soul in Bacolod City.

Kansican best be described as a marriage of bulalo and sinigang and might just be the ultimate comfort food you’ve been searching for. Rain or shine, the tangy and flavourful soup is a hot favorite in Bacolod.

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