Dumangas celebrates 10th Haw-as Festival

By: Gail T. Momblan

PONDS and paddies once again provided bountiful harvest to the people of Dumangas, Iloilo.

To honor God’s grace, Dumangasanons celebrated the 10th Haw-as Festival on October 26-31, 2018.

Five “gubans” or groups in colourful props and costumes performed in the annual Guban competition as the highlight of the festivity.

Haw-as is a must-see festival first celebrated during the leadership of Municipal Mayor Ronaldo “Onal” Golez in 2007 and was declared as part of Cultural and Historical week celebration.

The term “haw-as” refers to the harvest of fully grown bangrus or milk fish from fish ponds, which is considered as one of the primary economic activities of  Dumangasanon.

Aside from the Guban Competition, other community events include the street dancing competition, agri-fisheries expo day with farmers and fisherfolks forum, bangus extravaganza, 3rd Sikpanay-Dumangas, actual haw-as sa punong, among others.

Mayor Golez said Dumangas does not only boasts the rich produce of its fishponds and farmland but also takes pride to its people.

Kita siri sa dumangas naga  produce man sang mga tawo – mga professional, leaders all over the world amo ini ang produkto sang pagpanghimakas, pagpakigbato, pagpangisog sang aton nga mga forefathers especially na sang aton local hero, Col. Quintin Salas,” he said.

Golez said that Dumangas also celebrated the 148th birth anniversary of Col. Quintin Salas who liberated Dumangas from the Spanish.

Haw-as sa talamnan, haw-as sa kapunungan, haw-as ini padulong sa aton kauswagan!” the municipal mayor rejoiced with Dumangasanons.

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