EVAP signs pact with Korean counterpart

THE Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines sent a delegation at the recently-concluded International Electric Vehicle Expo held at the Jeju Island in Korea.

Jeju Island is the perfect annual venue for this event as it is Korea’s designated green island with many low carbon initiatives in place and in the drawing boards. It has made an ambitious pledge to have 100 percent electric vehicles by 2030.

The Philippines’ EVAP delegation was led by EVAP President Rommel Juan of PhUV Inc., VP Edmond Araga of Kea Industrial and Yvonne Castro of Bemac Electric Transport. The Department of Trade and Industry and the Board of investment were also there represented by Asec. Fita Aldaba and in charge of promotions, Jean Traballo.

Juan said the Philippines had a booth at the show where business-to-business meetings with their counterparts from Korea and the region were held and where the promotion of the first-ever ASEAN Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Summit which the Philippines will host in June 29-30, 2017 was done.

The highlight of the participation of the electric vehicle delegation was the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between EVAP and their Korean counterpart, the International Electric Vehicle Expo Organization.

In the MOU, the Korean counterparts will identify Korean-made EV parts and components such as motors, controllers, chargers, batteries and battery management systems which they can supply to EVAP to build a prototype EV with Korean parts and components for Philippine use.

“We are very excited to work with our Korean counterparts headed by Chairman Kim of the Global Electric Vehicle Network,” Juan said.

“His energy and passion inspires everyone to further our cause of promoting EVs worldwide. With this MOU, we will see a bigger base of possible better and cheaper sources of our EV parts and components”.

“We see a lot of potential with some possible collaborations and joint ventures with our Korean counterparts as they are now leading in the EV battery technology and have numerous EV products to offer,” Araga adde3d.

“We thus see some exciting developments unfolding as we approach our very own 1st ASEAN EV Summit this June”.

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