The CMS Social Media Awards 2017

THE CMS Social Media Awards is back on its second year, rebranding itself as CSMA 2017: The Millennial Revolution this coming November 10th.

Communication and Media Studies (CMS) students of the University of the Philippines-Visayas are organizing the second CMS Social Media Awards 2017 as their flagship project for CMS 144 (Planning the Advertising Campaign) and CMS 105 (Media Technologies).

The event will be held at the CFOS AV Hall in UPV Miagao campus.

The Division of Humanities, and CMS 141 and CMS 121 students are in full support of the project.

Yera Shereen Madelo, head organizer of the CSMA 2017, said the brand new name “The Millennial Revolution” is due to the proliferation of social media as a platform, “and because we millennials are now living in the digital age.”

Madelo said millennials should maximize and spearhead the use of social media in attaining global development.

This year’s awards has six categories: four categories for individual nominations (Best use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog); and two categories of organizational nominations (Best Organizational Campaign and Best Social Media Influencer). A total of 23 nominations will come both from the Miagao and Iloilo City campuses.

THE DAILY GUARDIAN is a proud partner of this event.

This event is also made possible through partnerships with Gruppo Al Dente, Zee Sine, Coffee House Brewery, Pepsi, B Lifestyle Complex, HB Iloilo, Team On Ground, Sunflower Salon, Lola Ba Restaurant, Hobbytouch, Nismals Pizzaria, Globe and Nerizens Batchoyan.

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