Bryan Liao’s ‘Exploration and Exploitation’

EMERGING installation artist Bryan Liao opens his second solo exhibition, Exploration and Exploitation at Gallery i, Iloilo City, Sept 22 to Oct 11, 2017.

Liao, who hails from Antique, presents another fresh collection to the Iloilo art scene in his upcoming exhibit, giving a new take on geometric and tessellated art for the public to consume.

Liao explores the possibilities of creating new forms out of wooden block to better represent the geometric and structural possibilities of the elements of his work. These assembled, wall-bound sculptures, along with the effect of light and shadow creates a whole new feel and dimension to his works.

Exploration and Exploitation, two separate but inter-relatable concepts, became the central ideas of his exhibit, with a total of 8 wall-bound sculptures to be presented. He derives his inspiration from Romanesque and Islamic mosaics and patterns especially located in places of prayer. The limitations of geometric shapes put together en masse give a magnifying consciousness of oneself.

Liao graduated Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management in Central Philippine University and is working full time as an entrepreneur. He is currently a member of Rahmag Visual Arts group in Antique, and Iloilo Visual Artists Collective.

Exploration and Exploitation opens 6 p.m., Friday.


Saxxy’s Bar & Grill: The resto that accommodates everyone’s palate

SAXXY’S Bar & Grill is located at Smallville Complex, Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

Owners Paul Chatman and Anne Camara first opened its doors on August 4, 2017. Operating hours are from 6 p.m. until 3 a.m., seven days a week.

Its unique name SAXXY’S is a brainchild of Mr. Chatman. He can be seen serenading customers aside from performing with various talented entertainers of the evening.

Ms. Camara and Mr. Chatman find ways to keep restaurant customer friendly by listening to their suggestions and ideas. This strategy helps to keep them in the mainstream of today’s demanding market and to provide their customers with generous portions at a very reasonable price.

“I would rather serve hundreds of people at fifty pesos than serve one customer at a hundred fifty pesos,” Mr. Chatman said.

The newly-opened restaurant serves a variety of dinner entrees. To appeal to the many different cultures visiting Smallville area, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and native dishes are included in the main course.

Saxxy’s also has an extensive dessert menu to add a satisfying touch at the end of every meal.

“We choose to accommodate everyone’s palate,” he added.

Saxxy’s rustic wooden and deco design has two sections which can also be converted into one large section for large events.

“You can enjoy a quiet dinner or you can have your dinner while being entertained by the evening’s performers. We have many patrons who simply come to relax and enjoy the good atmosphere at Saxxy’s,” Mr. Chatman stated.

Saxxy’s is also known for its open stage which welcomes all musicians, poets, screen plays, comedians and other forms of entertainment.

“Uniqueness comes in the realm of creativity and we allow people to be creative and we’re not afraid to try and hear new things. Whether it’s trendy or uniquely different, we open up our stage to you!”

Saxxy’s welcomes you to visit us seven days a week, come rain or come shine. We have a place for you.

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