Break Out And Start Your Own Path – Innovate

By: Francis Lloyd Sauza

Photos By: Food Park Iloilo & Quito Treñas

Sometimes it’s easier and safer to follow others. But if we never sought out new landscapes or ideas we would never have any of the wonderful innovations we have today. Had Thomas Edison never believed in electricity, we wouldn’t have light. If Rosa Parks hadn’t stood up for what she believed in, she wouldn’t have inspired others to do the same. Simply put, we all have the ability to change the world if we just refuse to listen to the voice that says, we can’t or we shouldn’t.

Just take it from the international Ilonggo model and visual artist, Quito Treñas, as he started his own path in the world of entrepreneurship. “My first-hand experience with our family business ventures exposed me to the possibility of entrepreneurship. From bookstore, to Chinese restaurant, to bar, even farming. [And] I would witness it already done and operating. In short, I only understood a small percentage of it. So this time, I wanted to create a business that is organically mine. So I would fully understand it. Creating it from scratch, so I understand the business inside-out. I started from scratch with Food Park. I preferred it to be that way, so I get to see and understand everything. Nevertheless, I do hands on when I’m very particular about something and I step back when I feel it is needed. My capabilities lie in my drive and vision for the business. I created a place of opportunity for food businesses. I handle the collection of the food businesses. A business that brings a new concept to the city that could inspire other new businesses in the same direction.”

Just like Quito, start your own path too – break out and innovate. Think outside the box. Anything is possible.




There are so many incredible, inspiring stories from our own family that we just take for granted. It’s important to learn from them but to remember and show respect and gratitude for all that they have done for us.

In Quito’s case, his parents paved the way for where he is today especially in the field of business. “I have been raised by quite reasonably frugal and simple parents. Over spending was highly discouraged and frowned upon.”

Just like Quito, learn something new. Ask your parents or someone in your family and find out what they believed in.




Our lives all start in different places, but when we dedicate our hearts and minds to what we are most passionate about, there is no stopping us. Quito shares some tips on how to start your own path on entrepreneurship. “Know what is easy and natural for you to do. Then build a business around it and commit. Time management and be open to all kinds of criticism.”

Just like Quito, find something in life that makes you get up in the morning, and keep on doing that. What is most important is that you have a cause, something you believe in that lights up your life and connects you to your life’s purpose.




Life is precious so don’t get hung up or bent out of shape over the small stuff. Enjoy the present moment and have fun. Enjoy free time with family and friends in family-style restaurants like the Food Park. “Food Park is a whole new fresh experience that I think embodies the true vibe of the Ilonggo: chill and laid-back. You have to experience it (the ambiance) so as to understand it. I am happy that the tenants understand and appreciate the vision of what Food Park wants to bring to the city.”

Hang out at Food Park Iloilo today! Enjoy a laugh and make some memories.

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