Biray Paraw Festival of Leganes

Text & photos by: Nessa Rose Acosta-Libo-on

THE Municipality of Leganes, Iloilo held the 12th Biray Paraw Festival last June 22-24, 2018 with the theme” Championing our Biodiversity”.

Paraw is a local sail boat with two outriggers and two sails which is unique to the Philippines.

To this day, Ilonggos still use the paraw as a means of transportation and for their livelihood.

Leganes is one of the coastal municipalities in the province that consider paraw as one of its symbol.

The Biray Paraw Festival is one of the exciting events on the beaches of Leganes where guests and excursionists enjoy riding a paraw. This is also one way to inculcate in the minds of the younger generations the preservation of their heritage and culture.

The competition was held at Jaen Beach Resort in M. V Hechanova, Leganes. There were two categories – motor boat and paraw.

The motorboat was divided into two sub-categories, the racers and fishermen.

After the competitions, the cocktail party and awarding of winners was held at the Sea Garden resort.

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