Artivism rises in Iloilo City

By: Nestle Taala

Photos by: Nestle Taala and Christian Lozañes

WHAT is art? How do you perceive art? How do you define and express art?

These are unanswered questions which actually have no specific answer.

What is really the concept of art?

Art is anywhere and you can see it everywhere. Appreciating things around you is art itself.

Art is something personal and led 16 teams Ilonggo artists from different fields to gather and showcase their skills and talents in the first ever Artivism event last March 25,2017 at Robinson Place Iloilo, Iloilo City.

The impact of the social media in the society is the theme of Artivism which is a combination of Art and Activism.

Artist must do their art work based on the given topic ” HURING-HURING: Media and Society.

Artivism 2017 was organized by Marrz Capanang and Kristine Buenavista, both social entrepreneurs, with help from the British Council of the Philippines.

“Artivism is not a competition rather a way to promote art and bringing art closer to the public and at the same time it is a avenue for the artist to inspire one another,” Buenavista said.

The participating artists were grouped into 16 teams

Team 1: Cycy Berlin and Nollz

Team 2: PG Zoluaga and Joon Caludio

Team 3: Jeffrey Guanlao and Ritchel Baylon

Team 4: Stephen Villarante and Christian Lozañes

Team 5: Ronnie Granja and Heiro Granja

Team 6: Jun Ray Canonicato and Mia Reyes

Team 7: Adhara Sebuado and Mia Reyes

Team 8: Chaya Lavilla, Sid Tendencia and Lilibeth Hualde

Team 9: Marge Chavez and Noel Epalan

Team 10: Otep Sabido and Marvin Monfort

Team 11: Gil Montinola, Adelle Pacificar and Maya Conserva

Team 12: Schuntlester Sotero, Arjun Marapon and JenJen Sargento

Team 13: Kristoffer Brasileño and Larry Vido

Team 14: Melvin Guirhem and Edmar Colmo

Team 15: “Smrf” Daniel Tinagan and Emman Belga

Team 16: Alex Ordoyo, Joshua Gabayeran, Mila Tutanes, Kyle Sarte and Ron Tenala.

They joined and wholeheartedly involved their self not just to showcase their talents but to give meaning to art’s relevance to our lives.

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