MANGGAHAN Festival 2018 is coming and it’s going to be an even sweeter fiesta as we celebrate its 25th Anniversary! Let’s list down 25 reasons why you should go to Guimaras Island and celebrate with us this coming May 11-22.



If you think all races are won with speed and who gets to finish first, then you certainly haven’t heard of Manggahan Festival’s new event. Moturtle is a campaign strategy of the Provincial Government to promote road safety. This newest addition to the events in Manggahan Festival is a means of promotion where the slowest rider is hailed as the winner. The rules are easy. The contestant, who should have a professional or non-professional driver’s license duly issued by the Land Transportation Office and must have his motorcycle registered with complete papers, must ride the track at the slowest speed possible without crashing or touching the ground. He must likewise wear complete protective gear. See this unconventional yet unique event take place during the Manggahan Festival. Just how unusual is Moturtle? It’s slogan: The slower, the better. The slowest, the winner.



Interested in a specific field or passionate about a specific topic? Manggahan Festival has some pretty awesome topics and fields that just might put your excitement in the high bars! Manggahan Festival, being weeks-long, is composed if multi-sectoral events such as Agri-Eco Day, Social Welfare Day, Economic Development Day, Tourism Day, Integrated Women’s Association Day, People’s Economic Day, Sports Day, and a lot more. Each sector has its own series of activities that locals and tourists sure won’t want to miss. Whatever your profession is, whatever you do for a living, whatever field you are in, and whatever you are fueled and driven for, Manggahan Festival just has the right day and the right activities for you. Check out the Schedule of Activities that we will publish soon and block your planners for a summer escapade that will fill your hearts with joy and excitement!


  1. Mutya ng Guimaras & Mr. Guimaras

Now what’s a festival without beauty pageants? It’s like an establishment without a face, an institution without a logo, or a TV ad without an endorser. But these representatives, these symbols, are much more than just the superficial. Two of the highlights of the Manggahan Festival are the coronation night of the MutyangGuimaras and the pageant night for Mr. Guimaras. These two provincial pageantry bodies showcase the holistic beauty of Guimarasnons. Not only that, but the winners also become the Ambassador and Ambassadress of Good Will. They likewise help promote Guimaras through participating in exhibits and travel marts. Being a winner for MutyangGuimaras and Mr. Guimaras is an honor not just in itself, but a pride. Not only does one get to be a part of the province’s history, but s/he also gets to be a part of people’s lives and people’s stories. Witness the beauty and brains of Guimarasnons. Witness their crowning glories and cheer for your candidates. Witness, and be amazed.




Groufies with celebrities? Instagram stories filled with photos of actors or actresses? Or a Facebook My Day with minutes after minutes of band concerts? These. These will surely make you the talk of your classmates or officemates. And Manggahan Festival has a lot to offer for these priced snaps. Just like being a fangirl and a fanboy who are given VIP tickets to a meet-and-greet with their favorite artists, Manggahan Festival gifts Guimarasnons and its guests with free passes to see some of the most celebrated names in the show business, and to jam with some of the most famous bands and their most listened to tracks! What more can a fan group ask for? All that’s left to do is to make sure that you come to the event real good-looking; a look that would definitely give you a few seconds to be noticed by your idols. A few seconds-long moment, but one that you’ll remember till your golden days. Fair warning, though. The Kapamilya Caravan is definitely jam-packed. So get ready for some serious crowd OOTDs.


  1. Invitational Cultural Presentation

Missed the festivals you have always wanted to go to? Worry not. Manggahan Festival is coming to rescue you from missed-festival blues as it gives you the Invitational Cultural Presentation! The Invitational Cultural Presentation is one of the highlight activities of Manggahan Festival where festival tribes or hubons from different cities and provinces are invited to present their cultural dances at the Manggahan sadsad. Tribes and hubons from various festivals around the country showcase and share their culture to Guimarasnons and its tourist patrons. So hurry up and reserve this day for some well-deserved relaxation and enjoyment. Don’t miss this! No. Just don’t. Not like the other festivals that you’ve doted on going but ended up missing.



  1. Bike Paradise

There’s no better way of exercising than exercising with a view while traveling and enjoying sceneries. If you are so up for this, then Guimaras is the island that should be on the top of your trail list! Guimaras is the home of bike trails for adventure lovers. It has 29 bike trails that make cycling enthusiasts experience the province’s tourist destinations. The Guimaras: Bike Paradise of the Philippines Project is an innovative bike tourism project initiated by the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University which is recognized as one of the best practices of Public-Private Partnership and Sports Tourism. This project is continuously promoted by the province through the hosting of Manggahan Bike Fest, National Enduro Race, and the Tour de Guimaras, which aims to showcase the beauty of Guimaras Island through exploring it via biking, and to impose biking as a safe way of transportation. Thus, by keeping fit and staying in shape, never miss the chance to travel and enjoy some picturesque views too. Bike around the paradise that is Guimaras!



  1. Galleon-Making

Seen one of these miniature boats in the beach resorts or hotels that you’ve been to? Those could be Guimaras-made! Guimaras is the only galleon or miniature boat making province recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry. Miniature boat-making includes the making of galleons, yachts, frigates, paraws, etc. These miniature boats are exported abroad and are very in-demand locally as they are the main souvenirs used in weddings, conventions, and conferences. When visiting Guimaras, get the chance to see galleon makers in action. Along with DTI, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has likewise recognized the galleon making industry as miniature boat makers use trees which answer to the regulations of DENR in creating their products. So if you ever see miniature boats and galleons like these, wonder if they are made in Guimaras. And if that question lingers in your mind, why not see the boat making process in person?




  1. Arts and Crafts & Souvenir Products

It’s no secret that Guimaras is a resounding name in the arts and crafts and souvenir-making division. But did you know what else Guimaras is known for? Sustainable arts and crafts and preservation of culture and traditions! The Sapal Weaving Association in San Lorenzo, Guimaras is a weaving project and livelihood program that has been supported by the local government because not only does the sale of their products such as bags, laptop holders, placemats, slippers, wine bags, hats, envelopes made out of baryos, pandan, and buri an important source of supplementary income for women’s groups in weaving communities, but because ur also promotes green, reusable, and eco-friendly products. In Sitio Kati-Kati in the capital of Jordan, Maruyog Charms made by the Aeta Community are likewise sought after. Maruyog Charms are three-pieced bangles, regarded as amulets, given a more modern and trendy look. The creation of these bracelets is a vital part of the Ati tribe’s culture as they preserve the culture and traditions of the indigenous peoples. Moreover, the continuous production and sale of these charms help alleviate the high poverty in the Aeta community by providing them with a sustainable income that can gove work to the youth and women. In Concordia, Sibunag, nito, a climbing vine with glossy, wiry stems is used in weaving baskets, bases, food covers, plates, wall decors, trays, lampshades, etc. The production of these nito woven products help reduce the waste related to the use of disposable plates, styrofoam food containers, feeble decors, and breakable vases. Never hesitate in buying these products. You never know how far your few pesos are able to help others. These may be native products, but they sure are aesthetically pleasing. So the next time you visit Guimaras and see these products, buy some. Help the locals through buying local products.


  1. Mango-Based Dishes

Ever wonder what mango tastes like in sinigang, adobo, pizza, bulalo, or pasta? Wonder no more! Guimaras has a gastronomic surprise for you. Mango is the province’s main identity and is sure is used creatively and cleverly in local restaurants. Have you tried The Pitstop Restaurant’s wide array of mango-based and mango-infused dishes? The Pitstop Restaurant is among one of the first to concoct dishes with the addition of mangoes. One of the most sought after dishes of tourists when traveling to Guimaras is the Mango Pizza, which is topped with thinly sliced Guimaras mangoes, cheese, crushed cashew nuts, and sliced bell peppers. More additions to their ever-developing menu are Creamy Mango Pizza, Chicken Adobo with Mango Twist, Mango Beef Bulalo, Banguskr Pork Sisig with Mango Bits, Mango Chicken Curry, and SinigangnaIsda or Hiponsa Mangga. Mango is also used in baked goods and delicacies. Mango Bibingka is one of the most served snacks in Guimaras. It’s a rice cake topped with sugar, cheese, grated coconuts, and filled with mango jam. Products cooked by the monks in the Trappist Monastery are also bestsellers at the mango food industry. They produce dozens of products of various flavors and types. From among these are mango jam, jellies, candies, piaya, macaroons, barquillos, and butterscotch. Did you know that mango is likewise made into ketchup? It may seem weird at first but it’s a delightfully acquired taste. Mango Ketchup is used in making macaroni salad, mango pasta, etc. Be sure to try some, or all, of these mango-based dishes. Try something new and amaze your palates as you get a taste of Guimaras Island.


  1. New DOT- Accredited Establishments

Are you addicted of trying new things? How about places? food? What if we tell you can have it all and experience it with quality standard in this island-province called Guimaras? Together with its booming progress and advanced development, newly DOT accredited establishments also added to the list of tourist attraction in Guimaras. And these establishments not only adds to the list but also became one of the reasons why people visit this island-province. Wanna have a gastronomic experience? Why not try eating at our newly accredited restaurant, Pitstop, which offers a variety of mango-based dishes, or Olivias Kitchen & Island Brew where you can experience first-hand service and good food. Finding for a place to relax and unwind? Visit Guimaras Mountain Resort, perfect for friends and family outing. How about first class service? I bet you can have it in Andana Resort which offers luxury rooms and water activities in a white sand beach. It’s time to color your drawing and bring home a new experience that you can share with others!


  1. Experience Guimaras Culture

What makes Guimaras different from its neighboring islands and what makes its Manggahan Festival different from others? You get to experience our culture without the hustle and bustle of urban buzz and city traffic! No need to worry about reserving and paying for seats for when you watch our cultural and tribal dances too. Get to witness and experience it for free! Observe how Guimarasnons’ traditional practices and customs are incorporated in various storylines and different choreographies. See for yourself how our Guimarasnon forefathers and ancestors lived their daily lives, spend their time, make a living, and more. Moreover, enjoy the colorful and lively dances while gaining knowledge about our little but striving island province. Plan now while accommodations still have vacant rooms. Book your flight. Plan your itinerary. Experience Manggahan Festival. Enjoy Guimaras!


  1. Mango Eat-All-You-Can

There is no doubt that when you hear the word ‘Guimaras’, the first that comes to mind is kaing after kaing of fresh, juicy, and sweet mangoes. But what really excites people when they hear of ‘Manggahan Festival’? Unlimited mangoes! Local and foreign tourists, along with residents, enjoy a 30-minute eating session of unlimited mangoes. Patrons can choose between ripe, or green mangoes served with bago-ong. So if you’re feeling up to the challenge, head on to the Mango Eat-All-You-Can booth near the Agri-Eco Trade Fair this May 11-22 and try to beat the record. Because here in Guimaras, there’s no such thing as too much mangoes!

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