WHY WOULD an organization cause the closure of the city’s main road so they can have a “Fun Run”? They might have fun but it was not funny for motorists to be diverted without previous notice, several blocks away to reach their destination. Those trying to catch up the ferry to Iloilo and those going to the airport or rushing to school lost precious time not to mention wasting fuel.

People wonder why these organizations cannot have their fun run at the Panaad Park, the Government Center or large subdivisions. We wonder whether the fun run was for the fun or fund of it or advertise the sponsors, or to show off as they get an early television coverage. Nothing comes out good in closing major streets so some people can have fun. Did the Sanggunian approve the closure of the street, even just temporarily?

And while we are on the closure of streets, people wonder why the barangay would close a street to have their basketball tournament. Streets are for passage and there ought to be a park or gym within the barangay for this purpose. If not, there is always the BAYS Center which was constructed for that purpose. Bacolod should grow up. It is no longer a town where streets are hardly used.

People are wondering what the plans of Occidental Negros 3rd District Congressman Alfredo Benitez are after his term ends next year. There are reports that he will run for the Senate but others say he will run for governor. Most wish he would run for the Senate to clear the provincial cobwebs in the political contest next year.

If Benitez opts and is included in the PDP-Laban senatorial slate, will we see a competition between former 4th District Congressman Jeffrey Ferrer and Vice Governor Eugenio “Bong” Lacson? We wonder who Governor Alfredo Marañon will support.

We are wondering who in the Supreme Court instigated the court employees to demand the resignation of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Has the High Court become a political tool? People laud the judges of Negros for standing firm on their independence. Who is to lead and confirm the principle that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt but the judges and the justices?

Is something wrong in the Sugar Regulatory Administration that President Duterte is thinking aloud to get that agency abolished? The agency in different names has been with us since 1934 so has it become redundant or useless? We wonder if it is, in fact, a damper in the full blossoming of the sugar industry because of its control of the proceeds of production and a bane to consumers.

I wonder what our planters and millers think about this possibility? And of course SRA and its employees.

Do you wonder why there was so much saliva, long hours of hearings, plenty of experts, many deaths and tears shed, nobody has mentioned an antidote for Dengvaxia? In the meantime, what about the parents and the kids who were vaccinated and are waiting for symptoms to do? Nobody is saying anything. Can you imagine the anxiety of waiting and praying and hoping no kid in the family dies?

BTAO chief, Supt. Luisito Acebuche is asking for more traffic enforcers. Does more mean better? People wonder why some intersections have more than three enforcers doing nothing but converse while traffic flow was slowed down because motorists have to fend for themselves.

A British friend wondered why people with only one garage would buy two cars and park one in the street. Did the government construct the road for parking? Are streets for private parking or for passage?

People are wondering whatever happened to those barangay chairpersons who failed to segregate garbage. The DENR is supposed to file cases against them. We wonder, does the city have disciplinary power over erring or negligent barangay officials or are city officials just afraid to antagonize them?

Barangay election is reported to be on schedule. Time to kick out sloppy ones? We wonder how these officials, despite their ineptness remain in office. Is there a secret formula for their staying power or are their constituents just love them enough to ignore the squalor in their barangays. We wonder whether they love the sordidness in their surroundings as pigs love their pigsty. Ah, the mystery of life!


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