Have you no respect?

WHO DOESN’T respect Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr.? In Iloilo, no one will dare ridicule, poke fun and even play pranks on one of the most enduring political behemoths of Visayas.

A seasoned politician who was unbeaten in every electoral exercise he went through, Defensor best fits the description of an elder statesman, whose counsel is both sought and envied by his younger contemporaries.

But here comes House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez who seems to be playing pranks on the good governor by thrice postponing the latter’s oath-taking with the ruling PDP-Laban party.

Alvarez, who got brickbats for wearing beach garb during the formal oath-taking of Iloilo City officials at the Iloilo Convention Center several moons ago, keep in delaying Defensor’s formal transfer to PDP-Laban for lack of time.

Make time then, Mr. Speaker, especially for someone like Manong Art who once led the very chambers where you enjoy power and privilege. If you are truly sincere in inviting our governor to PDP-Laban, you can always set aside everything else and give the kind of attention he deserves as an elder statesman.

It’s bad enough that former Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog became the favorite punching bag of Pres. Duterte. Now, Alvarez wants to make a puppet out of Manong Art.

Come to think of it, Tatay Digong always saw Gov. Defensor in a reverential light and even expressed his deepest respect for the latter.

If Mr. Alvarez really wants to make PDP-Laban a party of consequence and respect in their part of the Visayas, he should earn our respect by showing reverence to Gov. Art.

Correct Manong Pabs and Atty. Boy Cabs?



I hope Iloilo City Mayor Jose Espinosa III was only joking when he invited communist rebels, particularly its Special Partisan Unit or SPARU (not sparrow the bird), to visit the city and take souvenir pictures at the Esplanade.

Methinks that Mayor Joe may have been quoted out of context. If ever he made that invitation, he did so in jest, to make light of reports that rebel assassins are in the city.

But with the national government declaring the CPP-NPA a terror group, the mayor’s words are potential invitation for trouble.

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