Echoes from SJI-12

ANOTHER business that is reportedly a domain of one pretender to the board of trustees involves books and school supplies. This seems to be small matter but a week ago I spoke with a teacher in a Chinese school, not in Bacolod, and she told me that books, workbooks and supplies are big business. In their school each student (high school) spends at least P20,000 for books alone. They had around 1,5000 students. The amount therefore can reach P30 million. Add the cost of other materials that are exclusive to the school with its logo. The amount can increase depending upon what the school requires.

It is common knowledge that book publishers give commissions to whoever is in charge of this department including the teachers who use the book. A former SJI teacher said that during the time of the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society administration, the commissions were put in a common fund and used for the faculty outings, parties or celebrations. In effect the teachers directly benefited from this business. An incumbent teacher said under the new regime, they never benefited from these commissions. Consider a five per cent commission and you can estimate what a monopolizer gets annually.

Insiders in fact told me that part of the trouble in SJI started from the issue of who gets this business. According to our informant Msgr. Noly Que wanted to spread out the sources of books and school supplies. Somebody must have made a good offer for a monopoly and Msgr Que and the LRMS got booted out under various pretenses, of course.

Another incumbent teacher (confirmed by a former one) cited a monopoly by a member of the irregular board. This involves uniforms, tee shirts and other school needs involving textiles.

Let me wrap up this series by addressing reactions sent to me by our reader, apparently from a Facebook. Since I don’t have a FB account (the one supposed to be mine is bogus) I received a hard copy.

Let’s take one. A certain Marilyn Tan wrote, “labeling a person as probably anti Christ just because he wore a shirt inscribed with the word blackmail! I am simply flabbergasted!” Most of the rest of her rantings are ad hominem.

A word is neutral unless placed in context. Tan can wear a shirt emblazoned with the word “corrupt” and she can go around and people would not bother her except to think she cracked. If she used that during a Sandiganbayan hearing she could be cited for contempt and spend at least a night in a calaboose.

Her admired wearer of the shirt with “blackmail” can also go around anywhere and nobody would care but he and his comrades publicly charged the bishop and the clergy of blackmail thus in context the word becomes propaganda. By wearing that propaganda shirt with “blackmail” inside the church during the celebration of the Mass he turned the church into a public square to attack the clergy. His demonstration blasphemed the sacredness of the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. He had no respect. The Bible warns: God must not be mocked!

That act can never be pro-Christ but even an apostasy and heresy because his disrespect shows denial of the Holy Eucharist. Had he worn that shirt outside or now inside the interdicted building, he can wear it till hell freezes over.

That he spends for athletes to study in La Salle or Ateneo does not make him automatically pro-Christ. Atheists, Arians, Buddhists and even satanists do similarly. A CINO is a fake Catholic, a pretender for selfish or convenience motives.

She attacks the “so much fan fair (sic) in yearly sacerdotal celebrations” that she tags as “luxury” and the “SUVs owned by priests”, etc. as she asks “where is the vow of poverty?” This only shows the “poverty” of her understanding of the Catholic faith and its works that she is “all praise to CINO because he had the guts to show the community to the whole bunch of priests how desperate he was in protecting of QOP. It was done for the love of the church.” Ahhh, what unrequited and counterfeit love can do and how many crimes are committed in its name!

We pause but not end.

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