Echoes from SJI-11

THE propaganda against the priests effectively removed them from SJI. Not contented with their businesses in the school, the pretenders shifted to the church, another plum in a mercantile transaction. But the move to take over the church exploded and they got nothing. Worse while a Mass can be celebrated in a building and even open spaces, it cannot and can never be held in the interdicted former Queen of Peace church.

On the other hand, the controversy over the church can also be viewed as a clever cover for the business operation of the school. While the diocese was focused on salvaging the parish, it did not bother to recover the school as if the school was a given in the IMBOT claim which is entirely wrong. Half a win is a win nevertheless.

In fact, in all the controversial exchanges of words, some foul language, the school takeover did not stir much public attention because it involved only the school population and I think the diocese has less interest there than in the continuation of the parish, its mission and the needs of a large Catholic faithful that found the Queen of Peace Church a comfortable place of worship.

The money-making business with the school was blurred, cleverly deflected from the public eye, but some alumni and employees claim that this in fact sparked the plan for a takeover and convert the church into another business enterprises, of course controlled by the pretenders. The church controversy was a clever ruse for the takeover of school businesses. The church would have been the more profitable and clean but the businesses in the school are no small sari-sari stores either.

Again, for the nth time, I invite concerned IMBOT to refute or deny the allegations about their school businesses that the employees, parents and alumni shared with me.

The reports say that money making operations of SJI have been apportioned among the IMBOT. This can be denied but the thumb marks are there. As usual those concerned IMBOT can furnish me with refutation if the information is false or incorrect. Our next discussion involves money. Who’s profiting? Surely not the priest, the fall guys.

Even before the diocese withdrew from the church, several personnel of the security agency were replaced until finally the entire force was changed. Now the question: Who among the IMBOT owns or controls this agency? Control of the security, as we have seen, was vital to the effort to ease the diocese out of the church. The actuation of the guards speaks for itself.

Of course it is known who among the pretenders owns and controls the security force. It can be denied but can be readily ascertained from the Philippine National Police. However, I prefer a denial or an admission, although that is not so much important as the need for the public to know that the agency is owned by a member of the IMBOT.

What is also reported (and this was confirmed from two independent sources), is that SJI payroll says every guard is paid P16,000 a month, but a check revealed that a guard receives only P9,000. Who gets the balance? We presume the security agency, but who owns the agency? A pretender is financially benefiting from SJI, a conflict of interest. This was not so before until they took over.

This one is verified information and known but I would rather just ask. Who controls the canteen? Does the income accrue to the school or to an informal trustee? How much does she give to the school considering that the school owns the premises and a beverage company has a monopoly? To obviate any suspicion of personal financial gain, it would be wise for this informal trustee to reveal the income of the canteen and where the profit goes. We know that in other schools a monopoly contract has its own initial “donation” or commission from, say bottling companies, that can reach millions.

The income from the canteen in Catholic schools is operated by the school itself so that its income accrues to the school as part of its over-all source of funds. If indeed one pretending trustee has a canteen monopoly, does this person turn over the fund to the school? Just asking because a monopoly can mean income of millions.

Let’s pursue more tomorrow.

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