INDEED. Why would certain quarters in Iloilo City prod Rep. Ferjenel Biron and Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr. to run for mayor of the City of Love? Are these sectors discontented or distrustful of the current crop of politicians holding the reins of City Hall?

After the dismissal of Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, Mayor Jose Espinosa III and Vice Mayor Jeffrey Ganzon are now the top two honchos of the city.

Espinosa comes from a big clan aside from marrying into the Sarabias. That union also links him to Rep. Jerry Treñas who is also married to a Sarabia. In short, mag-bilas sanda.

Of course, the name Ganzon evokes the image of the Prince of Timawa, the late senator and mayor Rodolfo “Roding” Ganzon.

Apparently, the pedigree of the top two horses at the City Hall is beyond question. They are scions of families who have established monolithic and personalistic control over Iloilo City politics.

But why the call for provincial politicians to dabble in city politics? Wala gid salig ang taga-syudad sa ila?

Well, Biron is very much focused on the province while Defensor made a succinct answer to the offer: “I’m honored but no.”


Prove them wrong

Mayor Espinosa will have to work doubly hard to prove that he is no political deadwood. He will have to go beyond rounding up Badjaos in the city, demolishing ukay-ukay stalls or putting up task forces on this and that in order to show that he can fill in Mabilog’s shoes.

The same with Vice Mayor Ganzon. If he can’t get out of his father’s shadow, maybe he can equal his old man’s spunk and demeanor at the very least.

If they cannot prove their critics wrong, the electorate might lean towards the opposition.



Speaking of opposition, only City Councilors Joshua Alim and Plaridel Nava have been very consistent in playing the “fiscalizer’s role” in the City government.

And if consistency is a gauge for sincerity, Alim and Nava could very well be earnest in promoting sensible and conscionable governance in the city.

Other “oppositionists” are as consistent as the 3-year election cycle.

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