A race to a kill

A DEADLY race to a kill is now heating up between House of Representatives and the Supreme Court. Which one will deliver the final coup de grace to finish off democracy in this country? Will the Supreme Court beat the House in murdering the rule of law and satisfy the cult-god’s lust for dictatorial rule? This is the existential question of the hour.

The fate of democracy in the country hangs on the outcome of the blitzkrieg of the Du30 administration to remove Chief Justice (CJ) Maria Lourdes Sereno from her post at any cost using any means including assassination of democracy and executing the rule of law. Madness has descended upon the land and the forces of darkness have taken over the government.

A twin drive was launched by Du30 to get rid of the chief justice – a quo warranto case at the Supreme Court and impeachment in the Lower House. Never mind if these actions tramplethe rule of law, break the norm of decency and civility in society, and run over democracy. What the cult-god wants, he gets and the fanatics and the minions are frantically in panic on how to carry out his edict.

The Supreme Court started hearing the quo warranto petition filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida questioning the validity of CJ Sereno’s appointment as chief magistrate.  It is a source of great wonder why the High Tribunal is entertaining Calida’s petition instead of throwing it out.

Quo warranto as a relief is not available for impeachable officials. Section 5(1), Article VIII of the Constitution only mentions ambassadors, consuls and public ministers.  Furthermore the Constitution provides impeachment as the only way to remove from office the justices of the Supreme Court. Section 2, Article XI of the Constitution is clear and definite; members of the Supreme Court may be removed from office on impeachment. Nowhere is quo warranto mentioned in the highest law of the land.

Granting that quo warranto covers members of the High Tribunal, Section 11 of Rule 66 of the Rules of Court is explicit and unequivocal, quo warranto can only be filed within one year “after the cause of action arose.” CJ Sereno was appointed in 2012. It is clear as daylight that Calida has no case here, but then this is a Supreme Court populated by bitter, envious, and insecure individuals, intellectual pygmies of dubious moral character infected with the virus of inferiority complex.

Record of the present Supreme Court shows that it has been making decisions that defy logic and sound reasoning, blatantly and shamelessly violate the law, mock and prostitute justice and spit on decency and civil norms. Some of the notorious and infamous decisions of the current Court are the midnight appointment of Corona, granting bail to Enrile for a non-bailable crime of plunder, hero’s burial for the dictator Marcos, plagiarism on the comfort women’s decision, the never-ending reversal of the final decision on PAL employees, and martial law extension in Mindanao.

The justices had been plucking justifications from thin air, conjuring excuses that are patently non-sense and outright silly to justify the unjustifiable. They are worse than magicians in town plazas.

So, expect the justices of the Supreme Court will grant the quo warranto petition even if it violates the Constitution and their own rules. Du30 propagandist Ramon Tulfo, an Inquirercolumnist arrogantly announced “Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno will be dismissed from her lofty post later this month or in June,” his very reliable source at the Supreme Court said. According to him a justice told him “we will remove her ourselves” most likely through quo warranto.

While the justices of the Supreme Court are very eager to oust CJ Sereno even if it is patently illegal, the Lower House will not give them the pleasure to please the cult-god.  After declaring that CJ Sereno is his enemy, Du30 ordered the House to rush her impeachment.

Speaker Alvarez in response said the House will oblige Du30. “It will be done once we resume sessions,” Alvarez promised. Congress is currently on recess.

The House originally scheduled to impeach CJ Sereno December last year but unable to do it for failing to establish a strong and credible case against her. As of this writing, the House failed to impeach her due to the same reason but now the House is under heavy pressure to execute Du30’s command.

Du30’s order clearly exposed that he is the real puppet master pulling the strings on the impeachment charade against CJ Sereno. That the House and the Supreme Court are doing his bidding signals the death of democracy and rule of law in the country.

The House and the Supreme Court are supposed to be independent and co-equal branches of government. Their role is to provide check-and-balance and prevent abuses of the executive. Now these two branches of government are reduced to stooges of the executive, meekly following what Du30 directs them to do.

The sight of the House and the Supreme Court desperately elbowing each other to carry out the command of Du30 is the tragedy of the Philippines today.

For the House and the Supreme Court to fulfill Du30’s demand, they will have to kill democracy and demolish the rule of law.  With no legal, moral, and rational justification to oust CJ Sereno, murdering democracy and the rule of law is the only way for these institutions to implement Du30’s order.

Who will pull the trigger that will send democracy and rule law to the grave, the House or the Supreme Court?  The world is waiting with baited breath.


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