Wonders- 3

PEOPLE are wondering why despite the ban on overloaded cane trucks, these monsters on the road kept on passing through the city without being stopped or diverted elsewhere. The greater wonder is that most of these trucks pass in front of Bacolod City Government Center like they are on parade.

Are city ordinances and Sanggunian resolutions just pieces of paper? If they cannot enforce their ordinances, they might as well not pass anything at all then at least people can say, “that is not prohibited”. Do these trucks pay tong money? Who is the kotong?

Party List Congressman Stephen Paduano has raised the tempo and level of his attack against the Leonardia administration, strengthening the view that there is parting of ways between Paduano’s patron, Cong. Alfredo Benitez and Leonardia. Our readers will recall, Benitez helped finance Leonardia’s campaign in 2016 (did Leonardia report to Comelec the contribution as required by law?)

Paduano, who is already campaigning to be mayor of Bacolod, has focused on the controversial BREDCO contract that was railroaded by Leonardia’s express train in the pliant Sanggunian. This disenchantment thus widens to include Grupo Progreso.

We know that BREDCO is close to the heart of Cong. Benitez, so common wisdom would suggest that he should be happy of the contract railroad. So we wonder, why is Paduano attacking the express SP train and BREDCO has started to strike back at Paduano?

We are wondering whether Benitez who is close to Cong. Greg Gasataya will support Leonardia even if Gasataya remains in the GP ticket in 2019. Will Benitez support a Gasataya-Paduano tandem and Paduano’s line up for councilors?

Sports is supposed to develop every kind of human skills but most of all comradeship and respect. So we wonder why officials and athletes cheat and assault their rival players. We wonder whether the competition of who is better has created a wrong perception of the purpose of sports.

Would it be hard if we suggest a retraining of sports official, coaches, referees and athletes on the basic objective of the games? We wonder what happened to the slogan, “it is not the winning but how the game is played.” Should not the criteria for winning be revised to underscore the how and not the who?

Citizens are wondering about the report that someone inside the Bacolod City Treasurer’s Office handles the salaries of city casuals and employees to insure collection for what is called “contribution” to a local political party. A man said to have roots in Villamonte reportedly handles the contributions. Is the collection of contribution allowed under the law? However, should people wonder at all?

There’s a lot of talk about federalism but people are confused because the nation’s leadership, both political, legal and intellectual do not agree and are working at cross-purposes. They wonder whether the present form is so decrepit and undesirable that it should be changed? As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it.” If the present system is so bad, why are politicians fighting to get into it?

People are puzzled. Daily reports from market places and groceries say prices of food – from fish and vegetables – to sardines and soap (never mind fuel) – going up, changing higher by the week. So people are wondering why the country’s economic moguls and members of Congress are saying imposing higher taxes is good for the economy. We wonder who are “the economy” they are talking about. Businessmen and capitalists, we suppose because they will take in more profits by raising prices with the law’s blessings.

One thing good in the hearing on the impeachment complaint against the Chief Justice is the information that they undergo a psychiatric test before appointment. Do judges of local courts also take the same test? People are wondering because they feel some judges must have failed and they threw the files away.

How about doing the same to all politicians, including barangay officials, when they file their certificates of candidacy? How many would have failed? We wonder. Truly, if students who fail their tests don’t graduate, how much more those who are to receive a mandate to govern?

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