What are they up to?

WE ARE always perplexed by the behavior of politicians. Take the recent barangay polls. Are not the political activities of the barangays off limits to elected public officials? Of course, but we have seen that the politicos could not restrain their impulses and went ahead to insure that their favorite candidate was elected. Nobody among the politicians complained because almost everybody was doing it.

Not content with interfering in the elections, the politicos also dipped their dirty hands even in the aftermath. Grupo Progreso claimed they got all their men elected, declaring a fatuous super majority.

Then Party List Cong. Stephen Paduano managed the mass oath-taking of a claimed 17 barangay captains and 200 kagawads. The Leonardia controlled newspaper belittled the gathering, a snide attack because Paduano had earlier claimed he had the majority of Bacolod’s village chiefs and he is reportedly running for mayor against Leonardia.

To add more gas into the fire, Leonardia’s press made a silly note that Governor Alfredo Marañon was unable to attend as he promised, insinuating that the governor does not support Paduano. That is absurd because Bacolod does not vote for a governor and vice versa and the governor had not been in several official functions for health reasons.

While they poked their noses in non-partisan affairs, the other possible contender for mayor of Bacolod, the city’s number one councilor, Ricardo “Cano” Tan simply took time off. Leonardia’s media insinuated that Tan is no longer interested in running although Tan is believed the strongest possible opponent. What if Paduano joins Tan against Leonardia?

* * *

Who’s in and who’s out? That is the guessing game in the province. Third District Cong. Alfredo Benitez was supposed to run for the Senate, but survey reportedly revealed he would lag to 18th slot. Then he is rumored to run for governor. Nothing’s fixed.

Now his loyal partymate, Vice Governor Eugenio Lacson who has been raring to run for governor is being urged to stay as vice governor if Benitez desired the governor’s seat. That’s a new equation.

Now talks say Lacson will tandem with former Cong. Jeffry Ferrer as his vice governor. Ferrer was Lacson’s opponent for vice governor in 2016. The latest says, it would be the other way round.    

* * *

What’s with Party List Cong. Gary Alejano? He says the President has ordered that the Armed Forces of the Philippines reduced its patrol and defense of our territories in the South China Sea. Not so. There is no such order, the AFP said, but Alejano who has declared he would run for the Senate, said his source is highly credible. Who’s telling the truth? Is Alejano sending out fake news, a filler to test public opinion or is he merely trying to get publicity for free?

Seriously, Alejano’s claim borders on treason and he should make good his claim or be considered a news faker.

* * *

There was too much ado about President Duterte kissing a married woman in public and in a foreign country. The news clips shows the President gesturing to the woman to kiss him on the lips; the woman hesitated but the President appeared insistent and the woman “yielded” to a moment of big publicity.

But while the kissing scene is inappropriate for the occasion, the giggling and shouting of the cheering crowd in apparent ecstasy is repulsive. We have come to the time when people enjoy and applaud such public improprieties as acceptable and thus imitable. The crowd sank deep into the abyss of relativistic morality. Woe to the children!

* * *

What’s with frequent brownouts? Central Negros Electric Cooperative has taken the attitude of not explaining. It really did not matter whether they explained or not. After all, who can get out of the cooperative’s stranglehold? If the fallacious theory that the consumers are the owners is true, it stands to stupid reason that the consumers cannot explain to themselves. Indeed, should Ceneco cater to good business relationship?

* * *

Okay, the government and the NDF and the CPP are going to have another peace talk in July. Meantime, the Army has beefed up its forces in Negros with another battalion. Why more?

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