The real Sona

THE real state of the nation (Sona) is not what Du30 delivered last week, but what was not said. The nasty event that eclipsed and overshadowed Du30’s Sona address is the true state of affairs of the country.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s (GMA) return to the national limelight as the new Speaker of the House simply highlights what the election of Du30 last 2016 truly signifies – the return of the corrupt, thieves and robbers to power. This began the day Du30 assumed the presidency.

Aside from launching his brutal and bloody war on illegal drugs, the other first act of Du30 was the rehabilitation of the corrupt. Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator who plundered and oppressed the nation was given a “hero’s” burial and GMA who was facing numerous plunder charges was freed from hospital arrest.

After the Marcos dictatorship was ousted in 1986 through the EDSA People Power revolt, the Marcoses were in the political wilderness. The other half of the conjugal dictatorship, Imelda Marcos ran for president in the 1992 election and lost. In 1995, the namesake of the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., ran for senator but lost, placing 16th. The son tried again in 2010 and won this time.

Prior to Du30’s victory in 2016, the Marcoses while not publicly expressing remorse for the evils they did to the Filipino people acted contrite and appeared humble. It turned out to be plain acting and pure hypocrisy. When Du30 was sworn in, the Marcoses showed their true color – unrepentant, arrogant, and still wicked.

The Marcoses would not be so bold and shameless in parading themselves before the nation, shoving a finger at Filipinos whom they robbed and abused if not for Du30’s brazen rehabilitation of them. Du30’s presidency also provided the Marcoses with the opportunity to revise history and peddle lies and falsehoods through trolls in social media paid with the money they stole from the Philippines.

Du30’s mother fought the Marcoses, risking her life to oust this evil family and his son is mocking her sacrifices. The Guinness Book of World Records named Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos as the biggest thieves in the world, amount stolen from the Filipino estimated at $ 10 billion. Instead of paying for their crimes, the Marcoses are strutting at the national stage parading the fabulous wealth they have embezzled from the Filipino people.

Aside from Marcos, GMA is the most unpopular president of the country. Her nine-year rule was also marked by the massive plunder of the national treasury. Numerous corruption scandals hounded her administration – fertilizer scam, NorthRail and SouthRail rip-off, Malampaya fund robbery, World Bank road project swindle, PCSO fund fleecing, Jose Pidal secret bank account, among other shocking and outrageous robbery of people’s money.

Upon swearing in, Du30 set GMA free from hospital arrest. GMA who then appeared to be dying, claiming to be inflicted with serious malady was suddenly healed by Du30’s presidency. She is now in pink health and is frequently visible in public behaving as if the corruption scandals under her administration did not happen. Now GMA is closer to the center of power (the fourth in line of succession), recently installed as Speaker after ruthlessly and unceremoniously ousting her protégé Pantaleon Alvarez.

The true, depressing state of the nation today is the restoration to power of those who committed high crimes against the Filipino people. Plunderers and the corrupt are back under Du30’s reign and corruption is once again a booming industry among government officials. Du30’s anti-corruption stance is a big joke, a fake one with the Marcoses, GMA and their cabal back to torment once again the Filipino nation.

Alvarez’ fall from power, which accurately mirrors the real state of the nation, also reveals that today, just like before and more than ever, leaders of the country are guided by selfish interest than the interest of the nation and the people.

Prior to his fall, members of Congress were kissing the feet of Alvarez. They treated him like a king, an absolute monarch dispensing perks and favor. Power made Alvarez arrogant. He even outDu30 Du30 by becoming a cruder and brasher autocrat stepping on so many toes. Hubris made him blind, wrongly assuming he will be Speaker forever. Now he is in the kangkungan, licking his political wounds.

Alvarez’ pride and conceit are the cause of his downfall, providing GMA, presidential daughter Sara Duterte and the Marcoses the opportunity to engineer his disgrace. Congressmen/women sensing a change in wind direction lost no time jumping from Alvarez sinking ship. These politicians have no notion of loyalty, no word, or no honor and selfish interest is the only thing that matter to them.

The Philippines is in such a nasty mess because leaders of the country are only driven by personal agenda, thinking only about themselves instead of the broader interest of the nation. They use political parties for personal expediency, to serve only their self-serving interest. Politicians change political color easily, jumping from one party to another with ease. Their act is dictated by avarice for money and power.

The selfishness of these politicians who overwhelmingly populate the Lower House is the reason presidents always have their way. The greed and insatiable appetite for wealth of these politicians enabled presidents to make them acolytes of Malacañang’s agenda and transformed the House into a pliant and malleable entity instead of an independent body which checks the excesses of the Executive.

Philippines today is governed by the same people who robbed the nation and oppressed the people. Corrupt and greedy people rule and the people remain abused and used. This is the true, sad, and tragic state of the nation at present.


you hit the nail right on the head!! i hope that today’s youth would read your op-ed as a guide for the coming 2019 elections. it is vital for the true independent and democratic philippines to vote for senators, congressmen and so on the line, who have proven integrity and character!

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