Ran out of money?

PEOPLE wanting to get their 5-year driver’s license should be prepared to wait for another day after going there. The Land Transportation Office is still collecting a new (another) data because the information given before when they applied for renewal cannot be retrieved. The applicant has to come back another day. Computer problem, LTO explained which is shallow because computer data can just be uploaded but they didn’t.

The new form asks for plenty of data. Thanks to Ana Krisna Ledesma, a volunteer, for helping filling up the form and I got my license faster.


People are asking why the flurry of construction activities in Bacolod suddenly either stopped or have significantly slowed down with only a few or no worker on the job. The excavations have been left untouched for weeks now, some with hardly any warning device except for the tattered strips of luminous plastics. The heavy equipment are gone although the work is unfinished. Now a dugout claimed its victim.

It seems the contractors have abandoned the work. Some of the unfinished excavations have already grown weeds, some up to a foot high which tells the story of how long the job has been left untouched. Sand and gravel lay beside it, left to the elements and starting to spread out with the rushing waters.

Meantime, traffic moves at snails’ pace with a few traffic enforcers trying their best to keep vehicles moving. Since there are no posts required about the project – timetable, cost, and contractor, people are lost as to when this project will be finished. With the apparent abandonment or slowing down of the work, when will people have deliverance from this inconvenience?

Is this stoppage or slowing down province-wide or in Bacolod or only parts of the city? A businessman with connections in the banking and financing industry say that some banks have either closed or released loan funds for infrastructure in droplets. If the contractor is well-financed, the work goes on but if the contractor is a dummy as we suspected and wrote last week then the dummies have nowhere to go. Chances of the owner of the constructor’s license helping might be slim. The licensee will just be raking in millions for renting his license but the dummy must carry the cost.


Where are the killings of local officials going? The PNP says there is no link among the three victims – two mayors and one vice mayor. Who’s next? The motive of the killings have puzzled our authorities but some believe that the dastardly acts are diversionary from concerns over the rising problems of the country that strike directly at the masses – high prices of basic commodities and the extrajudicial killings. Others think that the killings of priests and attacks against the Catholic Church and the God of Christians are part of the diversion.

We hope not for the sake of this country because this tactic if true does not solve but only exacerbate the national malaise. The police authorities have so far faced blank walls.


If the country’s economic decision makers are right that the lower peso value is good for the country, why not just devalue the peso and be done away with hypocrisy? It is true the high dollar value will give the exporter and the dollar earner higher returns for their dollar, but they are few. Most have to suffer because the value of imported goods is higher and most of our industries producing basic commodities as the ordinary canned sardines, including our international debt are being paid in dollars. The price of fuel has gone up because our peso has lost value.

The ripple effect is now showing signs of national discontent. But the economist inside their air-conditioned rooms and vans and their high salaries, cannot feel the pinch and pangs that ordinary Filipinos have to suffer daily. Sadly for the Filipinos, our leaders are also deaf and seemingly inconsiderate in the face of this increasing burdens.


People wonder how the military and the police can be shooting at each other for long without knowing their targets. The only explanation for this fiasco is that the two groups did not coordinate their operations. Their commanders must be sacked though this will not be enough to assuage the pains of the families of the victims.

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